Disciplinary notice: Mr Brian McFarland

On 27 June 2017 the Disciplinary Board considered allegations of improper conduct against Chartered Member, Mr Brian McFarland, Membership Number 47038210, of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The Disciplinary Board found Mr McFarland guilty of improper conduct in relation to the allegation against him that he had breached By-law 35 and Rule 1 of the Rules of Professional Conduct by failing to declare a conflict of interest when proposing to use a particular product.

Under the powers conferred on it by By-law 39, the Disciplinary Board ordered that Mr McFarland should be Severely Reprimanded and that he pay £2,000 costs. The Disciplinary Board ordered that the fact and particulars of the Order against him, and the details of the improper conduct of which he had been found guilty, should be posted in the Institution and published.