Members' directory

Use our directory to search for professionally qualified ICE members: Members (MICE), Technician members (MICE), and Fellows (FICE). You can also find details of our newest qualified members.

You'll find details of all our professionally qualified members in our directory. Simply enter your criteria and begin searching. If you experience any problems, please have a look at the FAQ below.

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Having trouble finding a member?

In case you're having any trouble finding the right result, we've put together a short FAQ that will help.

I can’t find the name of a member I'm looking for

All of our current professionally qualified members are listed in the directory. However, each search result shows a maximum of 500 names, so you may need to narrow your search criteria.

Other possible reasons:

  • The member is in another grade of membership such as Graduate, or Student (which aren't in the directory)
  • They are no longer an ICE Member
  • Their surname or first name is spelt differently (e.g. 'Leigh' rather than 'Lee', 'Michael' not 'Mike')

How else can I check whether someone is a member?

Please contact our Membership Services team at [email protected] or telephone them on +44 (0)20 7665 2227.

I'm a professionally qualified member and I'd like to show more information in my listing

Simply log in to MyICE, go to My profile and change your settings.

How do I find a fellow who could sponsor me in my fellowship application?

Search for colleagues or business contacts by selecting 'fellows', and 'name' or 'region' or 'employer'. Only one of your sponsors needs to be an ICE fellow: the other two can be fellows of other engineering institutions.