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The ICE HKA has recently introduced two new initiatives to promote knowledge exchange. They are Technical Report Prize and ICE HKA sponsorship for attending international or regional conferences.

Recognising individual achievement

Our Hong Kong branch organises and supports awards which showcase the outstanding achievements of ICE members.

Technical Report Prize

Technical Report Prize

This Prize is awarded to members who prepare reports of a high standard on a designated technical meeting, conference/seminar, breakfast forum, or site visit organised by the ICE HKA.

Student and graduate members as well as other members who attained their professional status within five years before the event are eligible to enter.

Winners will be given a prize of HK$500, or granted free attendance at the ICE HKA Annual Conference or Annual Dinner.

More information

For more information, please refer to the Technical Report Prize Rules.

Conference Sponsorship

Conference Sponsorship

The establishment of the ICE HKA sponsorship for members who attend international or regional conferences on topics within the realm of civil engineering. The purpose of the sponsorship is to encourage Hong Kong-based ICE members to participate in these events in order to broaden their knowledge and learn from experience in local or overseas projects.

Student and graduate members as well as other members who attained their professional status within five years before the event are eligible to apply. Successful applicants will be awarded up to 100% of the cost of conference attendance, excluding travel and accommodation expenses.

More information

Please refer to the Information Pack for more details.

Entry form

Download the ICE HKA Conference Sponsorship application form.

The Conference Report of first sponsored applicant

The Conference Report of Eugene Wong

Graduate and Student Emerging Engineers Award

Emerging Engineers Award

The Emerging Engineers Award is a competition that is open to all ICE Graduate and Student Members with papers on four areas of engineering design, research or practice. Papers have to be expertly presented and discussed, as well as be innovative and well written.

Applicants compete for prizes in the Hong Kong Regional Final and the winner may be shortlisted to compete at the Emerging Engineers Award Global Final in the UK for the ultimate cash prize and the prestigious Institution Medal.

Conditions of entry:

a) Author must be a current Graduate or Student Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers at the time of entering the Award.

b) Paper is to be written by one author only.

c) Paper must follow the Rules of Paper Submission in Fact Sheet (here)

d) Author is permitted to enter the Emerging Engineers Award in consecutive years but not with the same paper.

Disciplines of paper:

(1) Structural and materials

(2) Geotechnical

(3) Environmental, hydraulics and hydrology

(4) Highways, railways and transportation

Submission deadline: 31 October 2021

Submission method:

The paper should be submitted electronically in A4 PDF format together with a scanned copy of the signed entry form (here) to [email protected] and subjected ‘ICE HKA G&S Emerging Engineers Award 2022 Submission’.

Regional final:

Shortlisted candidates will be allocated a total time of 20 minutes: 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. The Regional Final will be held in January 2022. Presentation should be fluent, informative and readily understood. When introducing the paper, it is recommended to emphasise the most important features and explain the approaches to the topic.

Prizes include:

  • Winner - Certificate and cash prize of HK$2,000
  • First Runner up - Certificate and cash prize of HK$1,500
  • Second Runner up - Certificate and cash prize of HK$1,000
  • Merit - Certificate and cash prize of HK$500
  • Shortlisted - Certificate

Winners may be nominated to participate in the Emerging Engineers Award Global Final in the UK to compete for the prestigious Institution Medal and further cash prizes.

Winners also have the opportunity to publish their paper in ICE Breaker or on the ICE website

Further information

For enquiries, please contact Ms Gloria Ip on +852 5135 5129 or via email at [email protected].

View the full conditions of entry and details of the award.
Download entry form

Remarks: ICE HKA G&S reserves all rights of the competition except the result of judgement in case there is any dispute.

Most recent winners

The winners of the Emerging Engineers Award 2019 are as follows:

HKA Emerging Engineers Award 2019
  • Champion: Lo Tien Yue, Jason
  • First runner-up: Chan Hei Yu, Alvin
  • Second runner-up: Chan Yuk Wai, Denny
  • Merit: Leung Siu Tung, Zoe

Global competition

The Emerging Engineers Award culminates in a national competition. 3 winners from across the UK are selected to take part in the final, held at our headquarters in London.

The selected finalists each present their papers, with the overall winner receiving a cash prize and the prestigious Institution Medal.

Find out more about the final

Graduate and Student Communications Competition

Graduate and Student Communications Competition

This year's Communications Competition for Student and Graduate Members of ICE in Hong Kong has now opened.

The competition, which was originated in the UK, aims to help young members to develop their skills and techniques for public consultation.

Participants will be required to utilise their interpersonal skills as they present a civil engineering project at a mock public consultation meeting. They will also need to win over the judges and audience as they deliver a presentation and face questions on how the project will affect different stakeholders.

Conditions of entry:

  • Each team has to be formed by four to six members and comprises at least two current ICE Student and/or Graduate Members (including those working towards technician membership).
  • All team members are limited to a maximum of seven years’ industry experience (maximum of 10 years’ industry experience for those working towards technician membership).
  • Teams are permitted to enter the Competition in consecutive years.

The competition consists of written tasks and a 30-minute interactive mock public consultation meeting.

In addition to the presentation, the teams have to prepare the following documents to support delivery of the mock public consultation meeting. The project scenario will be released once the application is closed.

Submission documents

  • Consultation strategy document
  • Public information leaflet
  • Executive summary document

For details, please refer to the Information Package.

Key dates

Application Deadline: 03 December 2021

Release of the project scenario: 10 December 2021

Submission deadline of EOI: 24 December 2021

Submission deadline of other printed deliverables: 07 January 2022

Date of final (mock public consultation meeting): 15 January 2022

Register for the Communications Competition


  • Champion – Certificate and cash prize of HK$2,500.00
  • First runner-up – Certificate and cash prize of HK$1,500.00
  • Second runner-up –Certificate and cash prize of HK$1,000.00
  • Best Presenter – Certificate and cash prize of HK$500.00

*You may register online for free Student Membership and Graduate Membership. Application to the competition is valid as long as the membership registration is submitted on or before 03 December 2021. Should you have any enquiry on membership, please feel free to contact Regional support team on +852 3153 4185 or at [email protected] for assistance.

**In case of overwhelming responses, shortlisting mechanism will be introduced and notified to successful applicants.

Please feel free to contact Mr Chris Pang on +852 6733 0836 or via email at [email protected] / [email protected] for any enquiries.

Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association Graduate and Students Division (ICE HKA G&S) reserves all rights of the competition, except the result of judgment.

Most recent winner

HKA Communications winner 2020
  • Champion of ICE HKA G&S Communications Competition 2019/20: Champion: Pre-engineers
  • First runner-up: COMpromICE
  • Second runner-up: Over-consolidated
  • Best presenter: Mr TAM Tsun Kit from Pre-engineers

Student Model Building Competition

HKA G&S Model Building Competition

Model Building Competition is an annual competition in which participating teams formed by civil engineering undergraduates compete against each other. The event can arouse the interest of undergraduate students in engineering and provide them with a valuable opportunity to apply their technical knowledge and creativity to practical use. This competition also requires students to present their engineering justification of the model built and it would further polish their presentation skills.

The theme of this year’s competition is ‘Introducing and demonstrating floating platform design against wave.’ Participants are required to build a model made of balsa wood within a given time limit. The model will be tested by applying loads on the floating platform in a water tank.


The cash prize will be awarded to

  • Winner team: HKD3,000 and certificates
  • First runner-up team: HKD1,500 and certificates
  • Second runner-up team: HKD500 and certificates
  • Best presentation team: HKD300 and certificates

Prize and certificates for the winner, first runner-up, second runner-up and best presentation teams will be presented at G&S Annual General Meeting.

Key Dates

Application deadline: 14 January 2022 (Friday)

Date of competition: 5 March 2022 (Saturday)

How do I apply?

Find out more about the application details and competition format in the Information Package now.

*You may register register online for student membership for free.


For more information, please contact:

Mr Adrian Lo
T:+852 6601 8475
E: [email protected] /[email protected]

ICE HKA G&S reserves all rights of the competition except the result of judgement.

Overseas delegation tours/events sponsorship

ICE HKA desires to sponsor ICE Members on overseas delegation tours / activities organised by ICE HKA.

The purpose of the sponsorship is to broaden the Members’ exposure to the latest overseas civil engineering developments and the foreign culture.

Valid ICE Corporate Members (i.e. MICE or FICE) and Technician Members are eligible to apply. Sponsorship for an individual applicant shall be awarded up to 50% of the actual cost of the event up to a ceiling of HK$ 4,000.

More information and Application

Please refer to the guidelines for more details.

HKA Photography Competition

Theme of competition: Engineering cross Culture

The Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association (ICE HKA) Photography Competition is open to all ICE members and the general public. It aims to raise the profile of the profession and help the public understand what civil engineering involves and the positive impact it has on the society.

Photographs submitted must be original and has not been used elsewhere. The content must be related to civil engineering projects in Hong Kong that is related to the theme “Engineering cross Culture”. Either an on-going or completed within the last 10 years would be acceptable.

Minimum size of the photograph is 3MB in JPEG format.

If you are taking photographs on a construction site, please stay safe and follow the site guidance. Photographs taken using drones are acceptable but must follow legal requirements. Photographs taken through illegal use of drone (e.g. within airport area), unauthorized entry, or in any unsafe condition will be disqualified.

How do I enter? (Rules of Competition)
  • Submit your photograph via email to [email protected] together with a title and a paragraph with maximum 100 words to describe your submission.
  • Submission Deadline: 30 June 2020


  • Cash prize of HK$5,000 and a certificate
  • Entry exhibits as cover page of ICE Breaker (ICE HKA publication), subject to final decision of ICE HKA.

First Runner-up

  • Cash prize of HK$3,000 and a certificate

Second Runner-up

  • Cash prize of HK$2,000 and a certificate

Merit (shortlisted)

  • A certificate and a souvenir
Judging Criteria
  • Skill of photography
  • Visual impact/presentation quality of the photograph
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Originality of subject
  • Relevance to the theme
ICE Contact:

Please contact Alan Cheng via email: [email protected] for any enquiry.

Terms and Conditions

1. Each entrant may submit as many as 10 entries but no entrant may win more than one prize. No responsibility can be accepted for entries lost or delayed in transmission whether on Facebook, by email or otherwise. ICE HKA takes no responsibility for damage or loss resulting from misdirected or incomplete entries arising from computer errors, viruses, bugs or other causes outside its control.

2. By entering this competition each entrant confirms that his/her entry could be released to the public and in compliance with the terms and policies of Facebook and the law.

3. Photographs may be enhanced to make them brighter, clearer etc., but the content must not be manipulated. ICE HKA and the judging panel reserve the right to verify the eligibility of submissions and to exclude any image they believe has been excessively treated altering its authenticity.

4. The decision made by the judging panel shall be final and no appeal will be accepted.

5. Entrants may submit or be required by ICE HKA to provide the original or a higher resolution version of entry. Such version(s) shall be considered as the same entry and bound by these terms and conditions.

6. Top three prizes will be awarded at the ICE Annual Dinner on 25 August 2020. If the winners are unable to attend, they must claim their prize within 30 days after the Annual Dinner. If the prize is unclaimed after this time, it will lapse and ICE HKA reserves the right to offer the unclaimed prize to a substitute winner selected in accordance with these rules.

7. The prize is not transferable.

8. By entering this competition each entrant confirms that his/her entries are their wholly-owned creation and are no longer protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. The entry must not have been published previously in/on any other publication or website.

9. Entrants must own the copyright and will retain copyright; however in entering the competition entrants are agreeing to ICE retaining the entries and using them for future publicity, illustrative and other non-commercial purposes. No fees will be payable if the entries are used in this way.

10. Entrants will keep ICE harmless from any claims in relation to their entry in the event that the entry infringes the personal or proprietary right of any other person.

11. Each entrant also confirms that any persons depicted in an entry have given permission for the inclusion in the entry and the use of the entry including their image by the entrant and ICE.

12. By entering this competition, all entrants consent to the use of their personal data by ICE for the administration of this competition and other marketing purposes for ICE.

13. ICE HKA reserves the right to add, cancel or amend the terms of this competition at any time without prior notice.

14. In the event of any dispute regarding the rules, conduct or the results of this competition, ICE HKA’s decision will be final.

15. ICE HKA reserves the right to disqualify any entrant if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the entrant has breached any of these terms and conditions.

16. By entering the competition each entrant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions and the rules of this competition.

HKA G&S Shaping Our Future City 2022

The Shaping Our Future City 2022 campaign offers a unique and structured learning opportunity for students to understand the key elements of engineering, foresee into future opportunities and challenges in the civil engineering field through a series of talks and workshops.

Shaping Our Future City is an annual event for the Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association Graduates and Students Division (ICE HKA G&S), which offers a unique and structured learning opportunity for senior secondary school students (F.4 to F.5) to understand the key elements of engineering.

As part of STEM education, this campaign would include talks, workshops, and site visits that can provide students with a more comprehensive view of engineering subjects and stimulate their minds in science and technology. The campaign also aims at conveying ideas to our young generation that civil engineering works are vital to the prosperity and success of our society.

Another highlight of the campaign would be the inter-school scenario-based competition themed ‘Energise our city, engineer our victory’. This year, students will have the opportunity to work with young engineers to design a sports complex and develop its associated infrastructures such as transport connections, landscaping and utilities. This will allow the students to consolidate their STEM knowledge learned at school, develop their creativity and experience the life of a civil engineer. The winning team of this competition would be entitled to $5000 of book vouchers.

The campaign this year will comprise three events:

Event Date Time
Opening ceremony 19 Feb 2022 09:00 – 13:00
Workshop for future engineers 12 Mar 2022 09:00 – 13:00
Competition presentation 9 Apr 2022 09:00 – 17:00

An invitation has been sent to principals of schools in Hong Kong via the Education Bureau’s Business-School Partnership Programme. To enter, please fill in the enrolment form and email it to [email protected].

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