The Nottingham works of Thomas Hawksley

An introduction to the works of Nottingham water engineer Thomas Hawksley with a self-guided trail around sites of importance.

Thomas Hawksley FRS - Civil Engineer 1807-1893

He was born in Arnold the son of John Hawksley and Sarah Thompson. His father co-owned the largest worsted wool mill in the country and the mill engine’s cooling pond is now an ornamental lake in Arnot Hill Park, the site of Gedling Borough’s offices. The family moved to Sneinton in 1810 following the collapse of John’s business due to national economic pressures.

Thomas left The Free Grammar School when 15 years old to train under the architect Edward Staveley but he maintained contact with the school (now Nottingham High School) and later in life provided scholarships and prizes.

When only 23 years old he was appointed as Engineer to the Trent Water Company, and in his first works near Trent Bridge Nottingham he developed a system that brought lifesaving innovations.

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