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ICE's work in Scotland is carried out by volunteer members on various committees and groups. They organise events and activities that bring together like-minded people and give members the opportunity to increase their knowledge, get advice and raise the profile of civil engineering in the region.

Find out about the committees and groups that make up ICE Scotland, and who you can contact to get involved.

  • ICE Scotland Committee

    Jim Young, Chair

    The ICE Scotland Committee oversees the implementation of the Business Plan and takes the lead on external facing activities to inform opinion and raise public awareness of civil engineering. It is made up of representatives of Branches, corporate members and co-opted Members from across Scotland.

    ICE Scotland's knowledge programme ensures the continuous professional development (CPD) of our members and is delivered by five Branches across Scotland (Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Highlands and Islands). Specialist Interest Groups also organise technical events relating to specific engineering topics.

    ICE Scotland Branches also coordinate support for education and inspiration volunteer activities in local schools to inspire the next generation of civil engineers.

    Name Position Employer
    Jim Young Chair CHAP Construction Ltd
    Graham Edmond Senior Vice Chair Transport Scotland
    Alastair Templeton Junior Vice Chair Jacobs
    Lawrence Shackman Immediate Past Chair Transport Scotland
    Aisling Doyle Honorary Secretary Transport Scotland
    Shaun Nesbitt Honorary Treasurer Retired
    Sara Thiam Regional Director ICE Scotland
    Elaine Campbell Aberdeen Association of Civil Engineers President Akins
    Kevin Smith Tayside and Fife Chair Angus Council
    David Cole Edinburgh Chair Goodsons
    John Campbell Glasgow & West of Scotland Chair Arup
    Robbie Clark Glasgow & West of Scotland Vice Chair McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd
    Steven Robertson Highlands & Islands Chair Mott MacDonald
    Niamh Callaghan Graduates & Students Chair Transport Scotland
    Vacant Graduates & Students Honorary Secretary Amey
    Vacant Graduate & Students Network Scotland Representative Fairhurst
    Stewart Craigie Municipal Group Scotland - Chair SWECO
    Sandra Purves Panel for Historical Engineering Works (PHEW) Retired
    Ronnie Hunter Regional Council Member Retired
    Mac West Public Voice Committee - Chair Retired

    The committee's AGM takes place in October of each year.

    Each Branch has a Graduates and Students (G&S) sub-committee which support members who are working towards becoming professionally qualified. Their activities include knowledge events, seminars and competitions and peer group learning about specific aspects of the Professional Review including the written exercise.

    Got a question?

    If you've got a question for the committee, please feel free to contact the chair, Jim Young:

    e: Jim Young

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  • Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch (GWoS)

    John Campbell, Chair

    This is the largest ICE branch in Scotland with just under 4,000 members. It was the first association formed outside London, in 1884.

    Glasgow West of Scotland (GWoS)Branch runs an extensive programme of technical lectures, social events and competitions. The Branch Annual Dinner is the flagship social event in Scotland. It is held in Glasgow in November and is regularly attended by over 600 guests.

    Name Position Employer
    John Campbell Chair Arup
    Robbie Clark Senior Vice Chair McLaughlin & Harvey
    Graham McFarland Junior Vice Chair AECOM
    Emma Dickson Immediate Past Chairman Powerlines Group
    Nicola Bell Honorary Secretary South Lanarkshire Council
    Alan Fry Honorary Treasurer AECOM
    Ryan Doolan Chair Graduates & Students (G&S) Chair AECOM
    Maria Lucey Chair of Education & Inspiration (E&I) Subcommittee Stirling Council
    Heather Smith Dinner Secretary Rudd Consulting
    Donald Bell Chair of Life-long Learning Sub-Committee Jacobs
    Tako Hove Chair of Thought Leadership Sub-Committee AECOM
    Sandra Purves Panel for Historical Engineering Works (PHEW) Rep Retired
    Gerard Hamill Golf Events Organiser SSE
    Alex Currie Member Ramboll UK
    Martin Hinton Member Jacobs
    Caroline Griffin Member Morgan Sindall
    Ian Midgley Member R J McLeod
    Kirsty Jamieson Member Tony Gee and Partners
    Andrew Linton Member I&H Brown
    Magda Allan Member Mott MacDonald
    Gail McEwen Member I&H Brown
    vacancy Graduate & Student (G&S) Secretary  
    Ryan Sanders Graduate & Student (G&S) Treasurer AECOM
    Jamie Salmon Argyll & Bute Section Argyll & Bute Council
    Kirsty Smith Ayrshire Section Ayrshire Roads Alliance
    Ross Gibson Dumfries & Galloway Section Asher Associates
    Ken Aitken Municipal Group Scotland (MGS) Rep Transport Scotland
    Thomas Shire Scottish Geotechnical Group (SGG) Rep University of Glasgow
    Vacancy Scottish Hydrological Group (SHG) Rep  
    Susan Briggs Saltire Awards Representative Fairhurst c/o Transport Scotland

    Got a question?

    If you've got a question for the committee, please feel free to contact the chair:

    e: John Campbell

    Graduates and Students

    Glasgow's Graduates & Students Group runs a series of technical lectures, competitions and social events in Glasgow as well as an annual lunch in November, which is attended by the ICE President.

    Name Position Employer
    Ryan Doolan Chair AECOM
    Asif Huq Depute Honorary Secretary Transport Scotland
    Ryan Sanders Honorary Treasurer AECOM
    Eleanor Lockhart Depute Treasurer WSP
      Stirling Conference  
    Martin Lee Annual Lunch Jacobs
    Alison Bradley Education & Inspiration Committee ARUP
      Emerging Engineers Competition  
    Ryan Sanders Written Exercise Discussion Group AECOM
    Skye Dick Interview & CV Workshop Mott MacDonald
    Allan Kakuba Student Model Making Competition Glasgow Caledonian University
    Adam Sloan 5-a-side football Ramboll
    Lauren Park G&S Pub Quiz University of Strathclyde
    Fraser Proctor Student Representative, Glasgow Caledonian University Glasgow Caledonian University
    Allan Kakuba Student Representative, University of Glasgow University of Glasgow
    Claire Stevenson Student Representative, University of Strathclyde University of Strathclyde
      Student Representative, University of West of Scotland  

    If you'd like to know more, please contact the chair:

    e: Ryan Doolan

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  • Edinburgh Area Branch (EAB)

    David Cole, Chairman

    EAB covers the Edinburgh area from the Firth of Forth to the Borders. We are keen to serve all of our members throughout the area and are currently looking at arranging occasional events in the Borders or in the Falkirk/Stirling area. New members are always welcome.

    The work of the branch is handled by the Committee who have a wide range of professional experience on a range of projects and specialisms.

    Name Position Employer
    David Cole Chairman & ICE Scotland Representative Goodsons
    Alastair Templeton Immediate Past Chair Jacobs
    Vacant Vice Chairperson  
    Vacant Honorary Secretary  
    Gordon Boyd Honorary Treasurer Amey
    Craig Milne Education and Inspiration Will Rudd Davidson
    Michael Woods Committee Member Turner & Townsend
    Derek Elder External Communications Townhouse Consulting
    Ellen Halkon Knowledge Transfer Lead Aecom
    Brian McCall Knowledge Transfer Sub-Committee QMI
    Andrew Boxall Social Sub-Committee Lead EDB Infrastructure Ltd

    Got a question?

    If you've got a question for the committee please feel free to contact the chair:

    e: David Cole

    Graduates and Students

    The Edinburgh Graduates & Students Group run a series of technical lectures, competitions and social events in Edinburgh.

    Name Position Employer
    Louise Edward Chair Jacobs
    David McKay Vice Chair Sweco
    Erin Anderson Honorary Secretary Stantec
    Daaoud Shafi Honorary Treasurer Fairhurst
    Calum Wiegratz Branch Representative Edinburgh Napier University
    Greig Gibson Pre-19 Co-ordinator Scottish Borders Council
    Barry Stewart Pre-19 Co-ordinator Atkins
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  • Tayside and Fife Area Branch (DAB)

    Kevin Smith, chair

    This branch covers the Tayside and Fife area. It offers a programme of popular technical meetings and social events for all ICE members as well as providing educational activities for local schools and attending careers fairs.

    Name Position Employer
    Kevin Smith Chair Angus Council
    David Kingsmill Senior Vice Chair and Honorary Treasurer Dundee City Council
    Vacant Vice Chair  
    Alan Hutchison Past Chair Tay Road Bridge
    Claire Summers Honorary Secretary Sir Robert McAlpine
    Vacant Assistant Secretary  
    Kevin Smith /  David Kingsmill ICE Scotland Representative  
    Andrew Louden Saltire Representative ESD
    Elsje Fraser Education & Inspiration Chair / G&S Mentor WSP
    Vacant Minute Secretary  
    Daniel Colaci G&S Chair University of Dundee
    Adam Hindmarch G&S Vice-Chair  
    Eriks Maj G&S Treasurer  
    Romans Alehins G&S Secretary  
    Alex Coombes  G&S E&I lead  
    Frances Ratcliffe Corporate Member Fife Council
    Susan Francombe Corporate Member No Red Tape Ltd
    Scott McEwan Corporate Member Millard Consulting
    Andrew Minto Corporate Member University of Dundee
    Margi Vilnay Corporate Member  
    Liam Wood Corporate Member Mouchel
    David Blackwood University/College Liaison Abertay University
    Rod Jones University/College Liaison Dundee University
    Morven Scott University/College Liaison D&A College
    Marc Fleming University/College Liaison Fife College

    Got a question?

    If you've got a question for the committee please feel free to contact the chair:

    e: Kevin Smith

    Graduates and Students

    The Graduates & Students Group run a series of technical lectures, competitions and social events in Dundee.

    Name Position Employer
    Daniel Colaci Joint Chair University of Dundee
    David Lawton Secretary  
    Liam Mullaney Committee Member Dundee College
    Sarah McDonald Committee Member University of Dundee
    Adam Hindmarch Committee Member University of Dundee
    Sarah Bruce Committee Member University of Dundee
    Stephen Brindle Committee Member University of Abertay

    If you'd like to know more or you're interested in getting involved, please contact the chair:

    e: Daniel Colaci

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  • Highlands and Islands Branch

    Steven Robertson, chair

    This branch covers the Scottish Highlands with events generally held at Inverness College. It works closely with the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation CIHT in the area to run a number of popular technical lectures.

    Name Position Employer
    Steven Robertson Chairman Mott Macdonald
    Alasdair Couttie Honorary Secretary SSE
    Liam Matheson Honorary Treasurer Forestry Commission
    John Williams G&S Representative Scottish Water
    Ryan Derrick G&S Representative Fairhurst
    Carrie Higgins Committee member University of the Highlands and Islands
    Tom Murray Committee member RJ Mcleod

    Got a question?

    If you've got a question for the committee please feel free to contact the chair:


    Graduates and Students

    The Graduates & Students Group is keen to recruit new members in the Highlands area. If you'd like to get involved, please contact the chair or honorary secretary for more information:


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  • Graduate and Student Committee

    Niamh Callaghan, Chair

    The ICE Scotland Graduate & Student Committee oversees the activities of all G&S groups in Scotland. It also organises the all-Scotland final of the Emerging Engineers competition.

    Name Position Employer
    Niamh Callaghan Chair Transport Scotland
    Vacant Secretary  
    Daaoud Shafi GSNET Rep Fairhurst
    Shelagh Morrison Aberdeen Chair Aberdeenshire Council
    Louise Edward Edinburgh Chair Jacobs
    Ryan Doolan Glasgow Chair Aecom
    Kelly Andrew H&I Chair Fairhurst
    Daniel Colaci Dundee Chair University of Dundee

    Got a question?

    If you've got a question for the committee please feel free to contact chair Niamh Callaghan

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Special interest groups

ICE Scotland has a number of special interest groups. They have a variety of responsibilities and meet at least once a year.

Municipal Group Scotland (MGS)

The Municipal Group Scotland (MGS) comprises engineers working in the public sector often for local authorities or client bodies such as Transport Scotland.

They run a events and seminars, hosting high-profile speakers from the field tackling issues of relevance to municipal engineering.

The MGS half and full-day conferences are usually held in Stirling.

Name Position Employer
Stewart Craigie Chair Sweco
Graeme Malcolm Vice Chair West Lothian Council
Kenny Aitken Immediate past Chair Transport Scotland
Lawrence Shackman ICE Scotland Chair Transport Scotland
Richard Williams Minute Secretary John Lewis
Brian Cooper Honorary Treasurer Retired
John Thomson ICE Municipal Expert Panel Member Retired
David Arran Committee member Retired
Gavin Penman Committee member Aberdeenshire Council
Ross Speirs Committee member Fife Council
Elspeth King Committee member Retired
Mac West Committee member Retired
Malcom Taberner Committee member Retired
Vacancy Committee member  
Vacancy Committee member  
William Mahoney Co-opted committee member Perth & Kinross Council
Myles McGregor Co-opted committee member Curtins
Doug Farnan Co-opted committee member Dundee City Council
Thomas O'Connor Co-opted committee member Aberdeenshire Council
Sara Thiam Ex-officio member Director, ICE Scotland
James McLeod Corresponding member Dumfries & Galloway Council
Sandy Ross Corresponding member Sweco

Got a question?

If you've got a question for the group, or you're interested in getting involved in their work, then please contact:


Scottish Hydrological Group (SHG)

This group offers specialist technical meetings for all members interested in hydrological engineering. Meetings are held across Scotland.

Got a question?

If you've got a question for the group, or you're interested in getting involved, then please contact:

Name Position Employer
Michael Stewart Chair Kaya Consulting
Jonathan Dick Honorary Secretary University of Aberdeen

Scottish Geotechnical Group (SGG)

This group specialises in sharing knowledge in the field of geotechnical engineering. It is a regional group of the British Geotechnical Association.

Name Position Employer
Ross Turnbull Chair Jacobs
Christopher Currie Vice Chair Jacobs
Scott Robinson Honorary Treasurer / Venue Arrangement University of Dundee
Tom Shire Honorary Secretary / ICE GWoS Liaison University of Glasgow
Payal Debroy Communications Secretary Cowi
Matteo Ciantia Student/University Liaison University of Dundee
Jessica Smith Poster Competition and GeolSoc Liaison Atkins
Lorin Bosoc Poster Competition and Social Media Tony Gee & Partners
William Robinson Committee member Fairhurst
Stuart Jackman Committee member BAM Ritchies
Willie Cannon Committee member Cowi

Interested in getting involved?

If you've got a question for the committee, please feel free to contact the chair.

The objective of the SGG is to promote the geotechnical engineering profession mainly by arranging learned meetings and bringing high profile national and international lectures to Scotland.

This is coupled with encouraging young people into the discipline and promoting young engineers. SGG arranges meetings, seminars and competitions in order to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience concerning the latest developments in the continually developing field of geotechnical engineering.

Scottish Hydraulics Study Group (SHSG)

This group shares knowledge on hydraulic engineering among members in Scotland.

Got a question?

If you've got a question for the group, or you'd like to get involved, then please contact:

e: Dr Kenny MacDougall, Chair, Envirocentre

Panel for Historical Engineering Works (PHEW)

This group is made up of historical experts and those who are passionate about recognising and preserving Scotland's rich engineering heritage. It hosts a series of events through the year, including an annual Summer Visit.

The 2015 Summer Visit will take place on July 3-5thand will visit landmarks in Dumfries and Galloway. Contact Sandra for details and booking.

ICE Scotland also has a collection of civil engineering artefacts which is currently hosted by Heriot-Watt University. Information on the collection is available on their website.

Got a question?

If you've got a question, or you'd like to get involved with the group, then please contact:

e: Sandra Purves Honorary Secretary, retired

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