Who runs ICE?

Adur Ferry Bridge, Shoreham Kent

ICE has been working hard to promote the profession of civil engineering for 200 years. We believe that civil engineers play an important role in our everyday lives, so we work hard to support them.

We're run by our members, for the benefit of not just our members, but also industry and public communities across the world.

ICE's governance

The ICE is governed by a Trustee Board which is responsible for the Institution’s strategic decision making.

The Trustees are supported by a Council, which approves the Trustee Board members and are themselves directly elected by the members.

Find out more about our organisational goals and how we work to achieve them.

Board, Committees and Panels booklet

The members' "Board, Committees and Panels booklet" is now available. It's an invaluable source of information for both ICE members and staff. The handbook also details our regional and international structure and provides ICE's key calendar of events and activities for the year ahead.

Download the booklet