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Mission and work

Our purpose is to improve lives by ensuring the world has the engineering capacity and infrastructure systems it needs to enable our planet and our people to thrive.

Who we are

  • We are a 97,000-strong global membership organisation.
  • We are a professional engineering institution with over 200 years of history.
  • We are a voice for civil engineers and those working in infrastructure to promote the importance of the work they do for society.

What we do

  • We share learning and experience through original research, engaging events, professional development, partnerships, and mentoring.
  • We qualify engineers working in infrastructure to maintain their competence throughout their careers to create safer infrastructure for society
  • We offer trusted, impartial advice to politicians and decision makers on how to build more sustainable, resilient infrastructure.

Why we do it

  • Society is facing unprecedented challenges from climate change to demographic shift.
  • The infrastructure sector has a critical role to play in addressing these challenges and in creating a better future, using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as guiding principles.
  • By bringing together the best and brightest engineering minds we find innovative solutions to global critical challenges.

ICE President Anusha Shah calls for engineers to work in harmony with nature as they ensure that the world has the infrastructure systems it needs to enable our planet and our people to thrive.

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