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ICE London


ICE London's various committees and panels bring together like-minded people and give members the opportunity to increase their knowledge, get advice, and raise the profile and standard of civil engineering.

Regional committees and branches

The region is made up of the London Executive Board, London Regional Committee and the London Graduates and Students Committee.

Committee members are volunteers and come from a range of backgrounds within the civil engineering profession.

Find out more about the committees and groups, including who's involved and how you can get in touch.

The ICE London Executive Board manages ICE's affairs in our London region.

Contact: Chair - [email protected]

Name Position
Phebe Mann CEng MICE Chair
Claire Rose Senior Vice-Chair
Frederick Levy Honorary Secretary
Bill Guo Honorary Secretary Assistant
Rob Cattell CEng MICE Honorary Treasurer
Abbas Naqvi Vice Chair - Diversity and FIR Rep
Alexa Micklem CEng MICE Vice-Chair Knowledge
Ed Trollope CEng MICE Vice-Chair Membership
Oana Sala Early Careers Network Chair
Raj Pathak CEng FICE Vice Chair - Informing Opinion
Siu Ng Vice-Chair Sustainability

The ICE London Regional Committee is responsible for carrying out the work ICE does in London.

Contact: Chair - [email protected]

Name Position
Raj Pathak CEng FICE Chair
Claire Rose Senior Vice Chair (informing Opinion)
Oana Sala Honorary Secretary
Tim Hou Honorary Treasurer
Phebe Mann CEng MICE Past Chair

Other members: Abbas Naqvi, Julio Lacorzana, Ed Trollope, Gabriel McGuigan, Siu Ng

ICE London’s Graduates and Student (G&S) Committee organises events, courses, competitions and various activities to help members develop their careers, get support, and to meet and socialise with other graduates.

Contact: Oana Sala - [email protected]

Name Position
Gabriel McGuigan Chair
Oana Sala Past Chair
Henry Robinson Vice Chair Informing Opinion
Sophie Smith Vice Chair Knowledge
Tabark Majid Vice Chair Membership

Other members: Isabelle Sambles, Matthew Lake, Alice Dale, Ana Shundovska, Robert Zheng, Diana Garcia, Alexander Molloy, Josh Mason, Ade Fasinro, Mohammad Hamza Hamid, Kofi Amankwah, Karis Briscoe-Foster, Francesca Golding, Luca Franzosini, Nathan Lavenstein, Thanh Binh Tran, Elizabeth Owles, Ka Po Leung, Natasha Keogh

Special interest groups

ICE London has a number of special interest groups which focus on a range of areas of interest for its members.

If you would like to get involved in one of these groups, then please contact the relevant chairperson.

The ICE London and South East England Water Panel promotes the value of water in London and South East England. It uses the professional expertise and experience of ICE and its members to influence decisions that affect London and South East England’s water environment.

Contact: - [email protected]

Read the Panel's mission statement

Name Position
Nigel Hendley Chair

Other members: Robert Williams, John Sweetnam, Fiona Wyatt, Alex Backhouse, Ian Kirkaldy, Carlos De Freitas, Philip Druce, Andrew Burton, Gareth King