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Share your expertise

Fill members minds with the latest insights in your area of expertise by giving a lecture or webinar or contributing to the ICE Knowledge Hub, or even become a published author by writing an article for an ICE Journal.

In order for ICE to remain a leading source of knowledge and truly help our members be at the cutting edge of industry developments, we need to access and share our members expertise.

It is after all, our members who are shaping the industry and leading the way in research.

ICE is looking for subject matter experts to help develop its knowledge network.

ICE members will come together to share their knowledge with like-minded engineers and built environment professionals and help us tackle infrastructure challenges.

Members can do this through curating a module on the Knowledge Hub. Modules can be made up from existing and new content including blog posts, research papers, vlogs and graphics.

Members are invited to choose a topic and develop full modules or work with colleagues or the ICE Knowledge Team to bring together different sources to form a module.

Alternatively, members can write a paper for an ICE Journal and see their article in print, in our world leading journals that are not only read by ICE members but available for all in libraries in over 160 countries.

Topics cover the full spectrum of civil engineering activity, ranging from the smallest to the largest projects, and from new technologies and methods to debates on philosophical, ethical, environmental, management and safety issues.

If writing for an ICE Journal interests you think about something you or your colleagues have done recently that was particularly interesting, challenging or innovative. Start gathering data, images and references and then try writing an abstract with the following structure:

  • Purpose of your paper (50 words)
  • How, where and when information was gathered (50 words)
  • What new things were learned (50 words)
  • Why these things were important (50 words)
  • When you are happy with it, show it to colleagues – who may wish to write the paper with you – or email it to the editor for comment

With our extensive programme of talks taking place across the globe and weekly programme of webinars, we are always looking for members to share their expertise.

Talks could be on the technicalities of their work, the wider political or environmental landscape or on developing professional skills.

Your regional team will be able to advise you on contributing to this important aspect of ICE’s knowledge sharing.

Get in touch

To find out more about contributing to ICE’s knowledge outputs, please get in touch.