Achievements of the Presidents’ Apprentices and Future Leaders

The presidents’ apprentices and Future Leaders have delivered on a wide range of initiatives for ICE and the profession since the scheme was first set up.

President Gordon Masterton launched the President's Apprentice scheme in 2005. Looking back in 2017, he commented: "when we started the scheme, one of the great attractions to me was that it was a bit edgy, a bit radical, to have a group of young people placed so close to the President, with influence". That edge remains and successive Presidents have brought in their own apprentices to help them during their year in office.

Professor Lord Robert Mair rebadged the scheme "President's Future Leaders" in 2017 to recognise their long-term potential – with the scheme's energy and vitality continuing as before.

  • 2019-20 Paul Sheffield’s Future Leaders

    Future Leaders 2019/20

    Paul’s Future Leaders worked on a series of strategic projects, which were aligned to the ICE Business Plan.

    Robert's Future Leaders:

    Name Future Leader
    Louise Hetherington 2019/20
    Tim Hou 2019/20
    Hayley Jackson 2019/20
    Chris Landsburgh 2019/20
    Joseph Marner 2019/20
    Holly Smith 2019/20
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  • 2018-19 Andrew Wyllie’s Future Leaders

    Future Leaders 2018/19

    Andrew’s Future Leaders worked on their own projects during the year.

    In this video they tell us what drives them as civil engineers

    Andrew's Future Leaders:

    Name Future Leader
    Alex Backhouse 2018/19
    Bryn Noble 2018/19
    Eric Leung 2018/19
    Monika Szczyrba 2018/19
    Emma Watkins 2018/19
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  • 2017-18 Professor Lord Robert Mair’s Future Leaders

    Future Leaders 2017/18

    Robert’s Future Leaders worked on a series of strategic projects, which were aligned to the ICE Business Plan.

    Here’s their video explaining the highlights of the year and what the scheme meant to them.

    Robert's Future Leaders:

    Name Future Leader
    Meghan Fick 2017/18
    Asif Huq 2017/18
    Louisa King 2017/18
    Will Lavelle 2017/18
    Charlotte Murphy 2017/18
    Max Ng 2017/18
    Simone Schmieder 2017/18
    Ayo Sokale 2017/18
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  • 2016-17 Tim Broyd’s apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2016/17

    Tim’s apprentices worked on a series of strategic projects.

    Have a look at their timeline to see what they did.

    Tim's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Paul Chambers 2016/17
    Eleanor Earl 2016/17
    Abigail Fryett 2016/17
    Brittany Harris 2016/17
    Daniel O’Neill 2016/17
    Jonathan Smith 2016/17
    Sorrella Smith 2016/17
    Ching Fai Tan 2016/17
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  • 2015-16 Sir John Armitt's apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2015/16

      Sir John's apprentices worked on a series of strategic projects, which were aligned to the ICE Business Plan. Watch their video.

    Sir John's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Musa Chunge 2015/16
    Alex Crump 2015/16
    Emma Galley 2015/16
    Sam Hewlings 2015/16
    Michelle Hicks 2015/16
    Aaron Matthew 2015/16
    Nicholas Thorley 2015/16
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  • 2014-15 David Balmforth's apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2014/15

      David asked his apprentices to assess the state of innovation within the construction industry and to explore how it could be improved. Their findings can be found in their "Step up the industry" report.

    David's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Beth Barnes 2014/15
    Peter Coppenhall 2014/15
    Tako Hove 2014/15
    Jo Huett 2014/15
    Philippa Jefferis 2014/15
    Sophie McPhillips 2014/15
    Michelle Roche 2014/15
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  • 2013-14 Geoff French's apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2013/14

      Geoff's apprentices focussed on inspiring the next generation of engineers. One of their initiatives was a video competition for members and the public to say why "I love civil engineering". The results can be viewed on the ICE YouTube channel.

    Geoff's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Aimi Elias 2013/14
    Helen Macadam 2013/14
    Christopher North 2013/14
    Melanie Ogden 2013/14
    Sivasakthy Selvakumaran 2013/14
    Michael Wedderburn 2013/14
    Jamie Radford 2013/14
    Joe Smith 2013/14
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  • 2012-13 Barry Clarke's apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2012/13

      Barry's apprentices researched members' experience of dealing with ethical issues in their working lives and in response developed an ethics toolkit for practising civil engineers.

    Barry's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Conall Doherty 2012/13
    Claire Gott 2012/13
    Catherine Inglesfield 2012/13
    Sanaya Kerawala 2012/13
    Mark Sanders 2012/13
    Hayley Sharp 2012/13
    Richard Smith 2012/13
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  • 2011-12 Richard Coackley's apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2012/13

      Richard's apprentices created the ICE photo competition. The competition still runs today and has helped ICE build-up a large portfolio of images to promote civil engineering.

    Richard's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Kieren Couch 2011/12
    Angela Crowther 2011/12
    Sebastian John 2011/12
    Caroline Traynor 2011/12
    Lydia Walpole 2011/12
    Yan Zhou 2011/12
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  • 2010-11 Peter Hansford's apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2010/11

      In the year preceding the 2012 London Olympics, Peter's apprentices helped deliver the Create Sport Challenge, a national competition where school students and teachers designed and built a model of a Community Sports Venue.

    Peter's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Paul Astle 2010/11
    James Bulleid 2010/11
    Constance Chakanyuka 2010/11
    Owen Jones 2010/11
    Urszula Kanturska 2010/11
    Chris Lloyd 2010/11
    James O'Donnell 2010/11
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  • 2009-10 Paul Jowitt's apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2009/10

      Paul's apprentices designed the international development toolkit, which maps out appropriate responses to challenges faced in international development across the infrastructure delivery cycle.

    Paul's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Abiodun Akinyemi 2009/10
    Nicola Bailey 2009/10
    Benjamin Bampoh 2009/10
    Lorna Brady 2009/10
    Tonderai Chakanyuka 2009/10
    Fang Fang 2009/10
    Fazlun Fazlee 2009/10
    Hung Yik Lee 2009/10
    Joshua Macabuag 2009/10
    Joe Mulligan 2009/10
    Michelagh O'Neill 2009/10
    Thomas Wilcock 2009/10
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  • 2008-09 Jean Venables' apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2008/09

      Jean's apprentices supported the delivery of her core themes - climate change and sustainability - and to promote engineering to local communities.

    Jean's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Blessing Gwena 2008/09
    Emer Owens 2008/09
    Alistair Smith 2008/09
    Lili Tao 2008/09
    Ben Ward 2008/09
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  • 2007-08 David Orr's apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2007/08

      David's apprentices helped deliver on his presidential themes: unsung heroes, professionalism, procurement excellent and the value of civil engineering.

    David's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Kate Gower 2007/08
    Hayley Gryc 2007/08
    John Harding 2007/08
    Chris Jackson 2007/08
    Molly McKenzie 2007/08
    Siobhan Mullan 2007/08
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  • 2006-07 Quentin Leiper's apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2006/07

      Quentin's apprentices – from every UK region - helped ICE celebrate Thomas Telford's 250th birthday. They also developed a game for primary schools, based on the film "Flushed Away", to teach children about civil engineering.

    Quentin's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Trina de Silva 2006/07
    Paula Farshim 2006/07
    Alex Feretzakis 2006/07
    Doug Forbes 2006/07
    Katerina Fytopoulou 2006/07
    Chris Jones 2006/07
    Ben Maltby 2006/07
    Patricia McElduff 2006/07
    Timothy O'Brien 2006/07
    Matthew Revill 2006/07
    Joseph Roberts 2006/07
    Katie Symons 2006/07
    James Wallace 2006/07
    Sally Walters 2006/07
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  • 2005-06 Gordon Masterton's apprentices

    President's Apprentices 2005/06

      The original president’s apprentices! Gordon and with his apprentices demonstrated the value of mentoring by senior members to pass on the baton on to younger members in a structured manner.

    Gordon's apprentices:

    Name Apprentice
    Katharine Baker 2005/06
    Steven Brown 2005/06
    Jonathan Jong 2005/06
    Elizabeth Palferman 2005/06
    Kin Pang 2005/06
    Sjouket Tolsma 2005/06
    Helen Whitmore 2005/06
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