Using Asphalts with More Confidence, online

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About this workshop

Supported by extensive case studies, this useful one day course will enable you to understand, specify and manage bituminous mixtures for new highway construction, for repairs to existing highways and to confidently troubleshoot poor performance.

The programme focusses on:

  • The various ways in which roads and other paved areas fail
  • How to trouble-shoot areas of poor performance
  • The production, transport and site practices that drastically affect the performance and durability of asphalt
  • How to achieve intended performance and greatest possible durability from asphalt
  • Practical guidance on how to achieve durable materials from bituminous mixtures

Specific reference is made to:

  • European Standards and PD6691 dealing with the production of asphalts
  • The British Standard, BS594987, covering the transporting, laying and compacting of all asphalts including SMA's
  • The revisions to the Highway Agency's Specification for Highway Works 900 series clauses

For more information please contact:

Natalie Collins

e: [email protected]