SCE, DE and mentor briefing, South West online


  • SCE and delegated engineers
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  • 08 Dec 2021
  • 08:45 - 10:45
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About this workshop

This briefing will update existing SCEs and mentors, as well as provide the required briefing for those new to the role.  It summarises the ICE’s IPD programmes, roles and responsibilities and provides guidance on how to effectively set up the programme with new trainees/mentees.  An insight into how to use IPD Online is also provided.
If you are a new SCE or mentor, you will also need to submit an application form, a short CV, and three years’ of CPD plans and recording addition to attending this briefing.
It is recommended that you read the ICE Training Scheme Guidance, or the Mentor Supported Guidance, as appropriate, prior to attending this session.

For more information please contact:

Ashleigh Frater-Burke

e: [email protected]
t:+44 (0) 121 227 5944