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    Recognition of European Professional Qualifications 3-part course, London

    This course is a series of practical sessions designed to clarify the process of gaining recognition through the Recognition of European Professional Qualifications route to membership.

    18 September, 2019
    £65 exc VAT
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    Attributes and IPD workshop, Aberdeen

    Very useful for those using Attributes based Company Approved Training Scheme, Mentor Supported Training Scheme, Career Appraisal or Recognition of EU Professional Qualifications Route to explain how your experience can meet the ICE requirements. It will discuss the amount, level, breadth and depth of experience needed for IEng and CEng.

    11 October, 2019
    • member support (ieng & ceng)

    Fast-track Career Appraisal workshops, Manchester

    This course of workshops is a fast-track programme to complete your Career Appraisal submission, enabling you to apply for your Professional Review.

    15 October, 2019
    £60 exc VAT
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    Technical Report Route, webinar

    The Technical Report Route allows you to utilise your work experience and practical knowledge to achieve professional qualification. This webinar explains how the route works and what the requirements are.

    12 November, 2019