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QUEST Kenneth Watson Travel Award

An award for student members who are studying in the UK, have completed at least one year of study and want to travel abroad to take part in civil engineering-related project.

This award is funded by the estate of the late Kenneth Tomalin Watson CBE, a former ICE fellow who worked in Nigeria. It offers up to £1,000 for individuals and £3,000 for groups to fund a trip to help you develop your civil engineering knowledge and experience.

To apply for the travel award you must:

  • Be an ICE student member (and have been a member since the December prior to your application)
  • Be studying in the UK
  • Be travelling after completing at least one year of your current course and after 1 June (no later than six months after your course end date)
  • Not already have received more than three ICE QUEST awards

Funding can be awarded for IAESTE placements, but not travel directly linked to your course.

Apply now?

Applications for 2024 are now open until Thursday 28 March 2024.

We welcome applications from individuals or groups up to 8.

Individual application for the award:

Individual application form

Group application for the award:

Group application form

Each applicant will need to be supported by a referee. Download the reference form.

How are the winners chosen?

Applications are assessed by the QUEST Committee and the strongest will receive a financial award of up to £1,000 for individuals and up to £3,000 for groups.

Your entry will be assessed on the following:

  • The quality of your application
  • How much the experience will benefit you
  • The aims and merit of the project or activity
  • How the project or activity will benefit others and ICE
  • The amount of financial support required
  • The length of time spent overseas
  • The relevance of the project and activity to civil engineering

If you're selected for an award, you'll need to send us a report of around 1,000 words on your experiences, within a month of returning from your trip.

Peter Donald received a QUEST Kenneth Watson Travel Award to fund his trip to Malawi.

Past winner

Peter Donald

I travelled to the Mulanje region of Malawi with Students for Malawi on their emPower Chisitu project to construct off-the-grid Hugh Piggott-style wind turbines.

Malawi has very limited access to energy and the majority of the country is off-grid. The project's aim was to construct turbines to produce energy so that the locals did not have to burn paraffin to power their homes.

The scholarship provided by the ICE allowed me the opportunity to meet people and work on projects which have impacted me personally. My involvement in these projects has changed the direction of where I see my civil engineering career going and is an experience that every young engineer should go through.

Got a QUESTion?

If you've a question or want more information about the QUEST Kenneth Watson Travel Award, then please let us know.