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Driving Productivity: Infrastructure Lifecycle Guidance

A ready-reference guide for clients, programme managers and integrators, designers and constructors.

The ICE’s Productivity Community Advisory Board (CAB) has created an online toolkit – Driving Productivity: Infrastructure Lifecycle Guidance – to support the industry in its efforts to deliver infrastructure projects more efficiently and effectively.

The guidance outlines actions that can be taken to improve productivity throughout the infrastructure lifecycle, covering the following five stages:

  • Brief
  • Procurement
  • Detailed design
  • Construction and commissioning
  • Handover and close-out

For each stage, it identifies opportunities for each actor involved in project delivery – client, operator, asset owner, programme manager, integrator, designer and constructor – to boost efficiency and drive improvements.

This guidance follows the publication of the ICE’s State of the Nation 2022: Improving Infrastructure Productivity report. It is part of ongoing work by the Productivity CAB to boost the performance of the sector.

Productivity is about effectiveness and efficiency, doing the right things and doing them right. In a world of finite resources, climate crisis and huge demand for the services provided by infrastructure, it is a necessity and not a ‘nice to have’.

ICE State of the Nation 2022 report