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Fatigue in hydraulic steel structures, webinar

  • Webinar
  • Online
  • 29 March 2021
  • 16:00 - 17:00
Fatigue in hydraulic steel structures, webinar

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Part 1: Ryszard A. Daniel (Initiator of PIANC WG 189, and Senior Consultant at RADAR Structural) shall present on some of the key findings of the recently published PIANC Working Group (WG) 189, report titled, ‘FATIGUE OF HYDRAULIC STEEL STRUCTURES,’ including:

  1. how significant fatigue is in hydraulic steel structures, including examples,
  2. fatigue issues and conditions unique to hydraulic steel structures that require specific consideration,
  3. engineering practice in fatigue design and construction prior to WG-189 report,
  4. demand for more specific guidance for hydraulic steel structures in the field of fatigue

Part 2: Dirk Jan Peters (Chairman of PIANC WG 189, and Senior Consultant at Royal HaskoningDHV), shall provide an assessment of how the WG’s findings may be practically applied to structures by Asset Owners and Consultants, how they compare with other guidelines and codes such as EN 1993, DNV GL and API RP2A.

Dirk Jan’s content shall cover:

  1. Fatigue analysis methods and their assessment in view of hydraulic structures. This includes a study of literature and a critical discussion of the existing design codes.
  2. Detailing and construction of hydraulic gate components that are crucial in view of fatigue prevention.
  3. Monitoring, field inspections, assessment and maintenance of fatigue sensitive details.
  4. General conclusions and recommendations (including repair techniques).


Dirk Jan Peters

Senior Consultant

Dirk Jan has almost 30 years’ experience as a consultant at Royal HaskoningDHV, involved with Port projects worldwide. He has been a lecturer for 20+ years at Hoger Technisch Instituut Amsterdam in subjects such as concrete structures and applied mechanics. Dirk also is a senior researcher at the University of Delft since 2014, where he completed his PDH thesis on the design of pattern-placed revetments. He acted as Chairman on the WG-189 working group and has advised on fatigue sensitive structures such as bridges and hydraulic steel structures.

Ryszard A. Daniel, Senior consultant

Richard has 40 years’ experience in engineering, including 6 years as founder and senior consultant at RADAR Structural, and 24 years as senior consultant and project leader at Rijkswaterstaat, Division of Large Projects and Maintenance. He designed a number of prominent steel structures in the Netherlands and other countries; and contributed to the design of many other, including large hydraulic gates exposed to fatigue loads. Richard also contributed to the reports of several PIANC Working Groups; and was the initiator of the WG-189 “Fatigue of Hydraulic Steel Structures”. He is an author of about 100 technical publications in civil engineering, including 2 books on hydraulic gates.

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United Kingdom

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