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Smart motorways, Gloucester

  • Lecture
  • Gloucester
  • 23 April 2019
  • 18:00 - 20:00
Smart motorways, Gloucester

About this event

Smart motorways use technology to manage the flow of traffic, controlled from Highways England control centres. They monitor traffic and set signs to help keep the traffic flowing safely and freely. By opening the hard shoulder to traffic, either temporarily or permanently, this increases the capacity of the road without the expense and disruption of widening the road.

Smart motorways are good for drivers; they add extra lanes giving extra space so more people can travel, they use technology which makes journeys more reliable and evidence proves they are as safe as traditional motorways, which are already among the safest roads in the world.

Highways England recognise that as well as being safe, drivers want to feel safe and we have and will continue to make some changes to the design of motorways. This includes making emergency areas more visible, introducing systems that detect stationary vehicles; and raising awareness of the need to comply with lane closures and speed limits, all designed to keep everyone moving and getting where they need to be.


Max Brown

Max is the Head of Smart Roads for Highways England. He works in their Safety, Engineering and Standards (SES) department which leads on policy, requirements and advice, reporting to the Chief Highway Engineer, Mike Wilson.

As policy lead for Smart Roads, Max and his team are responsible for leading the development of new operating solutions for the strategic road network. This includes smart motorways and the creation of new design standard upgrading the busiest All-Purpose Trunk Roads (APTR).

Max has worked in SES for over 10 years, having previously joined Highways England in their Major Projects department in 2006, leading a number of large road improvement projects in the south west. Previously Max worked for consultancy firm, Atkins as a design project manager, since graduation as a Civil Engineer from Cardiff University in 1999.

Over the last eight years Max has played a leading role in the development of the operation of the motorway network, via his role in smart motorways and particularly the All Lane Running concept. He has led the design development and his team own (on behalf of Highways England) the design requirements for smart motorways.

Event venue

Gloucestershire County Council
Shire Hall
Gloucester GL1 2TG
United Kingdom

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Barbara Sweet

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