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Stamp End Flood Alleviation Scheme, Lincoln

  • Lecture
  • Lincoln
  • 29 January 2019
  • 18:00 - 20:00
Stamp End Flood Alleviation Scheme, Lincoln

About this event

The Stamp End area of Lincoln experiences regular surface water flooding causing both internal and external flooding to properties. It is recorded that property was flooded in 1991, 1993, and 2007, with extensive flooding of carriageways in the area also occurring on a more regular basis.

The 2007 flooding event highlighted the need for a project: flooding was so widespread that over 80 households were evacuated to temporary shelter with damage recorded to many types of buildings, including Shuttleworth House, a high rise block of flats.
Lincolnshire County Council, acting as the Lead Local Flood Authority, promoted this partnership project as part of the Common Works Programme. The Council prepared an application for, and received, Flood and Coastal Risk Management Grant-in-Aid from Defra, as managed by the Environment Agency alongside support from Anglian Water Services, City of Lincoln Council, Witham Third District Internal Drainage Board as well as from Lincolnshire County Council itself in its role as both the Lead Local Flood Authority and Highway Authority.
The project provides a methodology to reduce the risk of future flooding and shows what can be achieved when different Risk Management Authorities, supported by land owners, work together for the benefit of the community. The project utilised unusual methods to meet the technical, social, and environmental requirements placed on it, whilst retaining simple, tried and tested, methods.
The talk will concentrate on the different aspects of the project from inception to future maintenance, and how these combine to help to protect the properties at risk.



Engineer at WSP, embedded in Lincolnshire County Council
Project Manager for project.

Event venue

The Collection
1 Danes Terrace
Lincoln LN2 1LP
United Kingdom

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