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The business impact of digital: how does transitioning to digital affect the bottom-line

  • Webinar
  • London
  • 10 July 2019
  • 12:30 - 13:30
The business impact of digital: how does transitioning to digital affect the bottom-line

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With more and more organisations making the leap to digital, there’s never been a better time to examine the business impact of going paperless.

Part of ICE’s Digital knowledge programme, this live video webinar will share experiences and best practices for maximising the impact of digital infrastructure delivery on your bottom line. Our expert panel will also explore the impact digital has on corporate structures and discuss how digital tools are driving improvements in sustainability, collaboration and risk management.

This webinar will discuss:

  • Where have you seen the largest impacts resulting from digital transition? Financially? Productivity/Efficiency gains?
  • What new roles/positions in your company and the industry are being established to support digital transition?
  • What advice would you give to someone that’s looking to transition their company to a digital environment?
  • How are employees managing the change from analog processes to digital ones? Adopting? Opposing? Embracing?
  • What can we learn from other industries (automotive, manufacturing) that have transitioned to digital, or “gone lean”?
  • If everything remained the same in the industry today, what’s the one change that you believe would have the largest, most positive impact on the industry? Why?

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12:30 Chair’s opening remarks
12:35 Presentations and discussion
13:05 Audience questions and further debate
13:25 Chair’s closing remarks
13:30 Finish


Chair – Steve Eglinton BSc (Hons), FBCS, FCart.S, MIoD, MIAM, MPWI

Director, BimEnable & GeoEnable

Principal Tutor in BIM, Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), Global Tutor in BIM, British Standards Institution (BSI)

Chair, BIM4 Infrastructure UK – part of the UK BIM Alliance

Steve Eglinton

Steven is a very experienced geospatial information management and digital transformation specialist with 20 years' experience of strategic definition, project management & hands-on solutions implementation, particularly within the physical asset management, Built Environment and Natural Environment sectors.

His background is in mapping, Geospatial solutions and GIS, but now consults on project and asset information management and modelling in the widest context. Most often Steven works with Central Government as well as Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner Operator (AECOO) and asset management clients, including such as rail infrastructure companies, engineering, utilities companies and property developers.

Panellist 1 – Todd Wynne

Vice President of Strategy & Partnerships, Bluebeam

Todd Wynne

Todd started his career in construction over 9 years ago as a Project engineer for Balfour Beatty, an industry leading provider of general contracting based out of Dallas Texas. It was there that Todd had his first professional interactions with construction technologies as he introduced several solutions to help the team. This continued at the next position with Rodger-O Brien Construction, where he worked for 7 years. Throughout his time in the construction industry he discovered his mission, to provide the workers in the field with the tools get them the most accurate and up to date data as effectively and quickly as possible. This led him to Co-Found project Atlas, a digital mapping engine, in 2015 with, Joe Williams.

Currently Todd is continuing his mission and development of Atlas, as a Vice President of Strategy & Partnerships with Bluebeam.

Panellist 2 – Eleanor Bryan

Director, EY Energy & Infrastructure practice (broad infra/alternative sector view)

Eleanor Bryan

Eleanor is a Director in EY’s infrastructure practice specialising in digitally enabled programme transformation. During her 18 year career with EY, Eleanor has delivered multiple complex programme transformations working with Highways England, DfT, TfGM and Manchester Airport to support them in achieving quality outcomes that deliver to an agreed timeline.

Eleanor is passionate about delivering projects that contribute to building a Better Working World and has worked on a diverse set of technologies ranging from smart-ticketing to SAP, whilst the nature of the digital technology may change, the governance and stakeholder management required will always be the same, it will be complex and you have to take people with you in delivering a vision for the future and share a compelling roadmap for how you will get there.

Panellist 3 – Ellie Wilson CEng MICE

Head of Digital Transformation at Balfour Beatty Highways

Ellie Wilson

As the Head of Digital Transformation for Balfour Beatty Highways Ellie is responsible for producing and mobilising a digital transformation strategy which will revolutionise the way we work in the digital space. Her role includes engaging with internal and external stakeholders and identify best practice in the industry to ensure the digital strategy is stretching but also real in our business and delivered at pace.

Since graduating in 2011, Ellie has worked both in the construction and highways business within Balfour Beatty becoming a chartered engineer in 2016 which preceded her triple award winning success leading the reconstruction of Woodlands Lane Bridge as part of the M3 Smart Motorways Programme. Ellie is the first Balfour Beatty Highways digital transformation lead and also the first female digital lead in the wider business. She is passionate about change and was the chairman of the first junior leadership team in Highways.

Event venue

Institution of Civil Engineers
One Great George Street
London SW1P 3AA
United Kingdom

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