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Event Organiser: Ingenieurs et Scientifique de France

"Working with Waste Makers", webinar

  • Webinar
  • Online
  • 19 April 2021
  • 17:00 - 18:30

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The Low-Level Waste Repository is on the site of what was Royal Ordnance Factory Number 5, close to what is now the Lake District National Park. LLWR has been the destination of radioactive waste from across the UK since 1959. Martin will describe some notable events in the site’s history, including its war time operations and the
circumstances that led to its current role as a vital part of the UK’s nuclear infrastructure.

He will touch on the varied nature of the nuclear industry in the UK which leads to the challenge of dealing with radioactive wastes from a range of exotic locations, including several of Her Majesty’s Royal Naval bases and a well-known London hospital. He will explain the future development of the site, including the final capping and closure
engineering, and acknowledging the local community’s support to the site, past present and future.

IESF will host the lecture on Zoom.

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Martin Walkingshaw

Deputy Chief Executive, LLW Repository Ltd

Martin Walkingshaw

Martin is enjoying his 38th year in the UK nuclear industry. He started out as an instrumentation and control systems apprentice with British Nuclear Fuels Ltd at Sellafield (formerly Windscale) in West Cumbria and has since held a variety of engineering, operations and project management roles in Spent Fuel Reprocessing, Intermediate-Level Waste and High-Level Waste, at Sellafield and at BNFL’s Corporate Engineering Directorate in Warrington.

In 2006, Martin joined a new team operating the UK’s national Low Level Waste Repository site, near Sellafield, which deals with radioactive waste from the civil, defence, research, medical and industrial sectors. He helped establish LLWR and set up its Waste Management Services organisation, and is responsible for the UK’s National Low-Level Waste Programme – a cross-sector effort linking nuclear sites, supply chains, regulators and local authorities – managing the UK’s millions of cubic metres of lower activity radioactive waste safely, securely and sustainably. Martin will take over as Chief Executive of LLWR in July this year. He is a proud native of West Cumbria, living in Seascale – ‘on the doorstep’ of Sellafield and LLWR.


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