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An overview of total asset management practices by government agencies in Malaysia

Event organised by ICE

12 September 2023
18:00 - 20:30 MYT (GMT+8)
PLUS MALAYSIA BERHAD (Bangunan Persada PLUS Annexe Building)
Menara Korporat
Persada PLUS Persimpangan Bertingkat Subang KM15
New Klang Valley Expy, Petaling Jaya
Selangor, 47301

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Asset management is one of the critical aspects of an organisation's governance. Asset management is a structured process that ensures the best value for money is spent on acquiring assets to meet the strategic needs of local authorities. It is similar to any other management function to improve governance competence. Therefore, the performance and quality of service must have a cost balance according to the requirements and regulations in their management.

An asset is a resource controlled by an entity, it is the result of past events and providing future economic benefits or potential services that will flow into the entity. Especially in government agencies, the aim is to manage all forms of capital assets. The awareness of asset management is vital in fixing and improving the existing asset-management system. To avoid wastage, aspects of asset management need to be improved (e.g. maintenance, monitoring, supervision and updating records of government assets).

This sharing session is to comprehensively explain the essence and sectoral dimensions of asset management as a whole.


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Ir. Ts. Dr. Zarabizan bin Zakaria

Ir. Ts. Dr. Zarabizan bin Zakaria

Consultative & Referral Technical Division, Prime Minister's Department Malaysia

deputy director

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Ir. Ts. Dr. Zarabizan bin Zakaria

Ir. Ts. Dr. Zarabizan bin Zakaria is a deputy director at Consultative & Referral Technical Division, Implementation Coordination Unit, Prime Minister's Department Malaysia, with more than 21 years of experience in managing construction projects ranging from planning, procurement, and construction up to maintenance and disposal of assets. Knowledgeable in technical fields consisting of project management, construction management, contract management, asset and facility management, highway & transportation engineering, road design, bridge maintenance, road safety audits, civil and structural design, slope engineering, building maintenance, geotechnical engineering, forensic engineering, and strategic planning.

He obtained his degree in civil engineering from UTM, a master's in highway & transportation engineering from UPM, and a doctor of philosophy from UTM. He has published over 23 research papers and presentations in international journals, conference proceedings, magazines, etc. He is also actively involved with engineering and technology industry professional bodies, where he is a member of 14 international and local professional bodies.

He is also passionate about creating learning and self-improvement opportunities and inspiring people by encouraging personal career growth through knowledge and idea sharing locally and internationally.

His vision is to strengthen the status and level of the country's construction industry to align with the latest technological changes and national policies to continue to be sustainable towards delivering results beyond expectations for the people and the country.

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