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Contracting and Consulting: An Industry Insight

Event organised by ICE

26 April 2021

This event has now ended

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The traditional process of completing a construction project from start to finish involves the work of several different organisations. As a civil engineer, you could find a job with virtually any of them, but your role would be differently focussed depending on which you choose. This webinar aims to give you an overview of Contracting and Consulting, and potentially help you on your journey in deciding which role would suit you.

While you are likely to get a different definition of Contracting and Consulting from every person you ask, they can basically be defined as:

  • The client has something to be built
  • The consultant designs the project
  • The contractor conducts the majority of the construction work

This event aims to give students, apprentices, graduates and technicians the opportunity to learn about the possible career avenues within the broad civil engineering discipline. The presenters will outline the possible career paths that civil engineering can open up to and concentrate on Contracting and Consulting.

There are three experienced and knowledgeable speakers from across the industry who will give short presentations with overviews of their experiences and insights as both Contractors and Consultants. Following this, the panel will answer any burning questions that you may have.

If you are struggling to decide whether you are best suited to Consulting or Contracting, the information presented and shared during the evening will allow you to walk away with an increased knowledge of the industry to guide you with your future career choices.

For more information please contact:

Felicity White