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Professional Development Training

ICE universities bitesize: CPD for academics - digital transformation: skills & education

Event organised by ICE

11 October 2023

This event has now ended

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If we are to transform infrastructure and urban systems, interdisciplinarity and system thinking are key aspects of the way we will work. This bitesize session, the first one of a series of debates aimed at supporting academics delivering civil engineering courses, revolves around how to best equip students for these changes.

Industry 4.0 offers a new opportunity for the future of the built environment. This conversation offers a view of the skills and knowledge that future civil engineers are likely to require: data analytics, BIM, virtual and augmented reality, automation, sustainability, resilience, cybersecurity, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our presenters, from Early-Career Academics and Professionals Panel (ECAPP) of the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC) state:

Transformation of Skills & Education’ is a key enabler to support our aspirations to do things differently in the Construction Industry. The enabler is targeted at enhancing digital literacy and systems thinking in both the current and future generation of engineers, empowering them to address sustainability challenges, and become leaders and innovators in an industry 4.0 environment.

In this session, we will present our ideas for a sustainable data-driven industry, where the main objective is to achieve broad systems interconnectivity for better decision making and optimum design, construction, and maintenance of the built environment. We believe that Higher Education can be a key driver for this change, providing the necessary technical and digital skills, and creating a common language among engineering disciplines and computer science to enable digital innovation.


For more information please contact:

Charlotte Chevalier, Ashleigh McKenzie, Caroline Kelley