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The design of gaskets for segmentally lined tunnels

Event organised by The British Tunnelling Society

09 September 2021

This event has now ended

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Waterproofing gaskets for segmentally lined tunnels form a critical element within the tunnelling system. Poor design or selection choices can cause problems not only for the environment, the tunnel internal fixtures and fittings, and levels of comfort during construction and operation, but to the durability of the lining itself, operational safety, and even instability of the lining through the gradual loss of essential ground support. However, with just a little care they offer a cheap solution to a range of potential issues.

Mike’s presentation will consider aspects of material choice and material characteristics for the gasket as well as design and testing approaches and influencing factors for both well-established and new profiles.

Note: Lecture and the Q&A will be broadcasted live on YouTube
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