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William Harris lecture: all plain sailing - what could possibly go wrong?

Event organised by PIANC

28 February 2023

This event has now ended

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Paris Mangriotis will be presenting navigation issues which have led to marine incidents resulting in the need for salvage and major wreck removals.

Background will be provided on incidents such as Ever Given, Hoegh Osaka and the Costa Concordia.

There will be a discussion of wreck removal techniques, in particular the Costa Concordia operation, which was unique in terms of scale, technical complexity, number of stakeholders and cost.

The focus will be on the technical challenges of refloating a damaged 45,000 tonne wreck and transporting it safely for recycling. The reasons for the choice of method and subsequent impact on all aspects of the project will be summarised.

Of particular interest is the convergence between emergency wreck removal and major maritime civil engineering work. Paris will provide some insights to the challenges of such operations involving dredging works, large diameter boring, excavation, subsea installation of seabed platforms and underwater clean up works.

What issues are thrown up when such operations, usually planned over months or years for a conventional project are performed in an emergency context?




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Paris Mangriotis

Paris Mangriotis

ABL Group

engineering director

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Paris Mangriotis

Paris Mangriotis is a Naval Architect and Engineering Director at ABL Group in the maritime department of the London office where he works with a team involved in marine claims, casualties, engineering analysis and surveys.

Paris has experience of representing Owners' Interests in a technical advisory and project management role on a number of wreck removals.  He has been involved in invitations to tender, bid assessment and contractor recommendations for significant wreck removals in recent years.  Between 2012 and 2014 Paris was the project manager for LOC who represented Owners and Insurers in the Costa Concordia wreck removal.

Paris has investigated numerous maritime casualties and provided salvors with on-site and office based emergency response advice.  He has appeared before arbitration tribunals in London to give expert evidence in naval architecture matters.

Prior to his career with LOC Paris worked for Lloyd's Register of Shipping as a classification and technical investigations surveyor.  He is a Chartered Naval Architect and Member of Royal Institution of Naval Architects.