Panel For Historical Engineering Works

The Panel for Historical Engineering Works (PHEW) was established to promote an understanding amongst civil engineers, and the broader public, of our rich engineering heritage.

We may have copies of the references listed in the records, please check our catalogue or contact [email protected].

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  • Clacton Pier

    Last Inspected: 26 OCTOBER 2017 | Place: Clacton-on-Sea | Built: 1870 - 1871

    First building in the new resort of Clacton on Sea

  • Dutch River

    Last Inspected: 2 MARCH 2017 | Place: East Cowick to Goole | Built: 1635c 1626/1629?

    A 17th century flood relief scheme, forced upon the Participants in the Hatfield Chase drainage by litigation, after completion of their original scheme caused problems in the lower reaches of the ...

  • Tinsley Viaduct

    Last Inspected: 3 FEBRUARY 2017 | Place: Sheffield | Built: 1965-1968

    The first steel structure in Britain to have road traffic on two levels.

  • Cleopatra's Needle

    Last Inspected: 1 FEBRUARY 2017 | Place: Westminster, London | Built: Re-erection 1877/1878

    An Ancient Egyptian pink granite obelisk transported from Heliopolis (now Alexandria) in January 1868 and re-erected on Victoria Embankment. Now known as Cleopatra’s Needle the London obelisk was o...

  • Homersfield Bridge

    Last Inspected: 29 OCTOBER 2016 | Place: Homersfield | Built: 1870

    The oldest remaining concrete bridge in Britain

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