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Journal Number of issues per year Online only access UK print and online access Rest of the world print and online access
Civil Engineering - all members (except students) 4 Free Free £27.50 (inc VAT)
Civil Engineering - student members 4 Free £23.00 £23.00
Civil Engineering Special Issues - all members

Special Issues of ICE’s flagship journal are published twice per year and are devoted to a single engineering topic, project or geographic region and, from 2017, will include exclusive online video content.
2 £17.00 £24.00 £25.00
New Civil Engineer (NCE) - all members (except students)
A monthly magazine in print or digital, a Daily Fix news bulletin and Weekly Wrap email direct to your inbox, plus access to and the app.
12 issues plus daily updates and weekly news wraps Free Free Free
New Civil Engineer (NCE) - student members 12 issues plus daily updates and weekly news wraps Free £53.00 £53.00
Virtual Journal

15 articles chosen by you from across the ICE Specialist engineering journals portfolio. For more information, contact [email protected]

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ICE Specialist Engineering Journals

ICE Specialist Engineering Journals provide a unique forum for dialogue between the worlds of research and practice, comprising 18 titles covering every major civil engineering discipline.

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Journal Number of issues per year Online only access UK print and online access Rest of the world print and online access
Proceedings of the ICE - Bridge Engineering

Bridge Engineering has established itself as one of the leading peer-review publications covering developments in bridge engineering. Topics covered include the design, construction, maintenance, management, monitoring and upgrading of all types of bridge structures.

4 £35.00 £55.00 £60.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Construction Materials

Construction Materials seeks to publish original research and practice papers of the highest quality on procurement, specification, application, development, performance and evaluation of materials used in construction and civil engineering.

6 £36.00 £55.00 £60.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Energy

Energy addresses the challenges of energy engineering in the 21st century. The journal publishes groundbreaking papers on energy provision by leading figures in industry and academia and provides a unique forum for discussion on everything from underground coal gasification to the practical implications of biofuels.

4 £28.00 £39.00 £41.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Engineering and Computational Mechanics

Engineering and Computational Mechanics publishes refereed papers and other short contributions on fundamental applied mechanics in civil engineering. Papers cover solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, the behaviour of granular materials, structural, stress and strain analysis, and the dynamics of structures and fluid/structure interactions.

4 £26.00 £39.00 £41.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Engineering History and Heritage

Engineering History and Heritage publishes papers concerning existing infrastructure, buildings and civil engineering structures around the world, and issues related to their conservation, restoration and adaptation to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

4 £28.00 £39.00 £41.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Engineering Sustainability

Engineering Sustainability provides a forum for sharing the latest thinking from research and practice, and increasingly is presenting the 'how to' of engineering a resilient future.

8 £48.00 £71.00 £77.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering is a peer-reviewed international journal covering the investigation of constructed facilities and systems that fail to perform, function or operate as intended, resulting in environmental, property, personal or economic damage.

4 £26.00 £39.00 £41.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering provides a forum for the publication of high quality, topical and relevant technical papers covering all aspects of geotechnical research, design, construction and performance.

6 £46.00 £66.00 £72.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Ground Improvement

Ground Improvement publishes peer-reviewed papers on technological developments, feasibility studies and innovative engineering applications for all aspects of ground improvement, ground reinforcement and grouting.

4 £30.00 £44.00 £49.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Management, Procurement and Law

Management, Procurement and Law covers a range of topics including: procurement strategies and contractual arrangements, managing the planning and design processes, and managing the construction phase. Now incorporating Construction Law Quarterly, the journal places particular emphasis on issues such as quality, value, risk, environment and safety.

6 £43.00 £57.00 £60.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Maritime Engineering

Maritime Engineering focuses on the salt-water environment in the context of safe and sustainable engineering; it aims to publish papers relevant to consulting, client and contracting engineers, and those engaged in management, planning and applied research.

4 £37.00 £59.00 £63.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Municipal Engineer

Municipal Engineer publishes international peer reviewed research, best practice, case study and project papers reports. The journal covers the effect of civil engineering on local community such as technical issues, political interface and community participation, the sustainability agenda, cultural context, and the key dimensions of procurement, management and finance.

4 £28.00 £41.00 £45.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Structures and Buildings

Structures and Buildings publishes peer-reviewed papers on the design and construction of civil engineering structures and the applied research associated with such activities. Topics include the design, strength, durability and behaviour of structural components and systems.

12 £68.00 £91.00 £98.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Transport

Transport is essential reading for those needing information on civil engineering developments across all areas of transport.This journal covers all aspects of planning, design, construction, maintenance and project management for the movement of goods and people.

6 £25.00 £38.00 £40.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Urban Design and Planning

Urban Design and Planning publishes refereed papers and short articles addressing the design and planning of the built environment, emphasizing the interfaces between urban policy, design, construction and management.

6 £32.00 £48.00 £51.00
Proceedings of the ICE - Waste and Resource Management

Waste and Resource Management publishes original research and practice papers on all civil engineering and construction related aspects of the resource management cycle, from the minimization of waste, through the re-use and recycling, to the management and disposal of residual wastes.

4 £27.00 N/A N/A
Proceedings of the ICE - Water Management

Water Management publishes papers on all aspects of water treatment, water supply, river, wetland and catchment management, inland waterways and urban regeneration.

6 £48.00 £65.00 £71.00

ICE Publishing Engineering Journals

ICE Publishing Engineering Journals include the world’s premier research journal, Géotechnique, as well as Magazine of Concrete Research and titles published on behalf of other societies.

ICE membership entitles you to free or discounted access to the journals below. You can manage your subscription by logging in visiting your 'My subscriptions' page.

Journal Number of issues per year Online only access UK print and online access Rest of the world print and online access
Advances in Cement Research

Advances in Cement Research highlights the scientific ideas and innovations within the cutting-edge cement manufacture industry. It is a global journal with a scope encompassing cement manufacture and materials, properties and durability of cementitious materials and systems.

10 £56.00 £81.00 £89.00
Dams and Reservoirs

Dams and Reservoirs is the official journal of the British Dam Society (BDS). The journal welcomes high quality technical papers, technical notes, briefing articles, case studies and discussions from all over the world related to the design, construction, operation, safety and environmental aspects of dams, reservoirs and their ancillary works.

4 £43.00 £77.00 £82.00
Environmental Geotechnics

Environmental Geotechnics aims to disseminate knowledge and provides a fresh perspective regarding the basic concepts, theory, techniques and field applicability of innovative testing and analysis methodologies and engineering practices in Geoenvironmental Engineering.

6 £62.00 N/A N/A
Geosynthetics International

An online only, rapid publication journal, Geosynthetics International – an official journal of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) – publishes the best information on current geosynthetics technology in research, design innovation, new materials and construction practice.

6 £61.00 N/A N/A
Geotechnical Research

Geotechnical Research aims to disseminate knowledge, on any aspect of modern geotechnics, through the Gold Open Access model (Funded by Article Publication Charges (APCs)) to engineers worldwide.

* Free Free Free

Established in 1948, Géotechnique is the world's premier geotechnics journal, publishing research of the highest quality on all aspects of geotechnical engineering.

12 £72.00 £100.00 £110.00
Geotechnique Letters

Géotechnique Letters provides a vehicle for the rapid international dissemination of the latest and most innovative geotechnical research and practice. As an online journal, it is aimed at publishing short papers, intending to foster the quick exchange of the latest advances and most current ideas without the delays imposed by printed journals.

* £54.00 N/A N/A
Infrastructure Asset Management

Infrastructure Asset Management aims to publish articles on the strategic management, organisation, planning, designing, acquisition, care, renewal and disposal of infrastructure assets.

4 £54.00 N/A N/A
International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics

International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics contains the latest research and analysis in all areas of physical modelling at any scale, including modelling at single gravity and at multiple gravities on a centrifuge, shaking table and pressure chamber testing and geoenvironmental experiments.

6 £41.00 N/A N/A
Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science

The Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science is a quarterly publication providing a forum for the dissemination of environmental research, encouraging interdisciplinary research collaboration to address environmental problems.

4 £57.00 N/A N/A
Magazine of Concrete Research

Magazine of Concrete Research covers every aspect of concrete manufacture and behaviour from performance and evaluation of constituent materials to mix design, testing, durability, structural analysis and composite construction.

24 £89.00 £123.00 £135.00

* Denotes continuous publication

ICE Science Journals

ICE Science Journals are an innovative series of titles that seek to inspire fresh thinking in how breakthroughs in material science research can be practically applied in engineering.

ICE membership entitles you to free or discounted access to the journals below. You can manage your subscription by logging in visiting your 'My subscriptions' page.

Journal Number of issues per year Online only access UK print and online access Rest of the world print and online access
Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials

Bioinspired, biomimetic and nanobiomaterials are emerging as the most promising area of research within the area of biological materials science and engineering. The technological significance of this area is immense for applications as diverse as tissue engineering and drug delivery biosystems to biomimicked sensors and optical devices.

4 £54.00 N/A N/A
Emerging Materials Research

Materials Research is constantly evolving and correlations between process, structure, properties and performance which are application specific require expert understanding at the macro-, micro- and nano-scale. The ability to intelligently manipulate material properties and tailor them for desired applications is of constant interest and challenge within universities, national labs and industry.

* £67.00 N/A N/A
Green Materials

With increased strain on petroleum resources and growing markets in China, India and across the globe, the importance of fiscally and environmentally responsible materials has never been higher. These green materials build from the field of green chemistry, the utilization of principles to reduce or eliminate hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products.

4 £54.00 N/A N/A
Nanomaterials and Energy

In a world with an increasing number of opportunities for nanotechnology to improve how we produce and use energy, this new journal will help lead scientists and engineers from diverse backgrounds to a common platform.

* £54.00 N/A N/A
Surface Innovations

The material innovations on surfaces, combined with understanding and manipulation of physics and chemistry of functional surfaces and coatings, have exploded in the past decade at an incredibly rapid pace.

5 £67.00 N/A N/A

* Denotes continuous publication

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