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The Institution of Civil Engineers and Thomas Telford Ltd maintain data on all members. We also maintain data on non-members who use our services. This will be used confidentially for normal purposes, including subscription and donation collection, mailing of publications, contract fulfilment when purchasing TTL products and services and notification of conferences and events. Overseas members may have their data transferred to International Country representatives for administration of local events in their country of residence. Member data will also be shared with the ICE Benevolent Fund. Personal data relating to ICE membership may be stored securely in perpetuity for historical purposes. Personal data relating to non-members and/or TTL customers will only be held for as long as needed to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected. We may wish to use this information to inform you of professional knowledge products that ICE and TTL provide such as training, books, journals and model engineering contracts.

For more information on how and why we collect and use personal data and your rights as an individual please review the ICE Privacy Notice.

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