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We have a wealth of online support and guidance to help you prepare for your Professional Review. And if you need some advice, just get in touch with our team of membership experts.

ICE is committed to supporting you during these challenging times and throughout your career

Post-Covid-19, civil engineers with professional qualifications will be needed more than ever.

You have gained the academic qualifications you need and completed or nearly completed Initial Professional Development (IPD) – this places you in a strong position to secure a professional qualification with ICE as an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer (IEng or CEng MICE).

Start preparing for your Professional Review. Passing review is the final step to becoming a qualified member of ICE where you will enjoy a raft of benefits that will elevate your career further still.

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Support for your application and how professional qualification will help you to progress.

  • Realise your potential

    Realise your potential

    Why ICE’s internationally recognised professional qualifications are a career differentiator.

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    Completed your IPD? Complete your application for Professional Review and check submission deadlines. Good luck!

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    Membership support

    Need some advice? Contact our team of experts.

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Free Professional Review ebook

*You can access a free ebook version of Successful Professional Reviews for Civil Engineers if, since 1 January 2015 and by 22 April 2020, you had:

  • either completed your ICE Initial Professional Development (IPD)
  • or had completed 90% of your IPD signed off in IPD Online (32 or more attribute levels out of 35 for CEng, or 25 or more attribute levels out of 27 for IEng)

To get your free copy:

  1. Login to the ICE Virtual Library using your usual MyICE login
  2. When logged in, visit this page to download your free ebook (access and download each chapter as separate pdf files)

If you think you are entitled to a free ebook but are unable to access it, please contact us at [email protected].