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Unlike many people, I didn't study engineering at college. But after a year working in photography and other jobs, I decided I wanted a career that would be rewarding, varied and interesting.

Charlotte Owen
Charlotte Owen

My first job was at Mouchel. I started out as a trainee technician working on highway designs. It was this role that made me realise how much I enjoyed working on site and helping to make things happen.

After Mouchel I went on to work for Balfour Beatty and I'm still here now. I'm pleased to say that my career has moved on a lot and I'm a section engineer, currently working on a £40m project. My role involves managing the installation of the tower cranes and pre-cast construction. This needs a lot of forward thinking and co-ordination with other contractors.

Being part of a construction team is hard work, but it's all worth it when you hand over a project that you can be proud of. Completing my first construction project, which was a high school, was really enjoyable. When I saw the children on their first day that made it particularly rewarding.

I'm glad I became an ICE member because it really endorses my skills. It also helped me to get the job I have now. At the time, my interviewers were very interested in how I had proved myself to become a professionally qualified technician.

Our clients also like to see that my skills, knowledge and experience have been recognised by a professional body.

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