Ishmael Paul Otoo, graduate member

I really enjoyed maths and physics at school and might have become a doctor, but I’m afraid of blood! Actually there's a lot of construction work going on in Ghana, and so good career opportunities for civil engineers.

Ishmael Paul Otoo
Ishmael Paul Otoo

I’m a civil/structural engineer with GHS Housing Limited, which develops housing that supports community and family living. The work I do really motivates me, especially our mission to ‘make the world habitable’. Designing solutions which improve people’s lives gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

My responsibilities include designing structural elements and also supervising construction work onsite. GHS takes on other types of projects too, so I have a varied portfolio of work which makes life interesting.

As a young engineer I used to find it difficult to manage lots of projects at the same time. But I’ve gained more confidence and experience now and find it a lot easier. I’ve also learnt to do detailed planning using MS project with the help of my supervisor. Challenges are part of everyday life and whenever they come I see them as an opportunity to learn.

I joined ICE because I wanted international professional recognition. Being a graduate member gives me the opportunity to be mentored so I can qualify as an MICE member. It also gives me a sense of belonging to a community of engineers across the world.

When I’m not working I do missionary work on holiday, and sometimes even get to take time off my busy schedule to see my friends!

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