Leighton Ellis, graduate member

After working for four years as a civil engineer, I did a masters and discovered that I had a passion for passing on knowledge and helping others to develop.

Leighton Ellis
Leighton Ellis

I've been working for six years now in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, at the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Trinidad & Tobago – teaching and completing my PhD.

My research aims to assess the leadership skills of young civil engineers, which I hope will help the regional construction industry with their staff development strategies. The ICE Joint Board of Moderators mentioned my work as best practice to be encouraged by other institutions in their annual report of 2012, which is encouraging.

I enjoy lecturing because I meet new students each semester. I also enjoy helping to shape the next generation of industry leaders. It’s great when ex-students have told me how what they learned in the lecture hall with me has been useful in their work as engineers.

I also co-founded the ICE West Indies Local Association (ICEWILA) and actively promote it in the university. I'm also excited that we'll be hosting the ICE Americas Convention in 2016.

I'm a registered engineer (REng) with the Board of Engineering Trinidad & Tobago, but I would really like to gain MICE status in the next year. For me, chartership is the international endorsement of my competence, and it will be the crowning of my professional journey to date.

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