Parthajit Patra CEng MICE

At an early age I knew I wanted to be a civil engineer, and two previous generations of my family had also been in the profession. 

Parthajit Patra
Parthajit Patra

I’ve lived in Kolkata (previously Calcutta) all my life, but I’ve also worked on projects across India and internationally. I’m now a freelance consultant.

What I like most about being a civil engineer is being involved in all stages of infrastructure projects – from conceptual planning to implementation.

One of my first big jobs was supervising construction for Metro Railway, India’s first underground railway system. This was a hugely important project for the country, and I really enjoyed finding solutions to the challenges (like laying the tracks around sharp curves).

More recently I developed the different system components in the design of the Guwahati Water Supply Project, which was one of the largest-scale projects of its kind in India.

What really excites me about my profession is being able to innovate. For example, it won’t be long before we can use ‘trenchless technology’ to create and renew water and waste water facilities. This will make a real difference by helping to massively cut the costs of water services in our congested cities.

Becoming qualified with ICE has inspired me to take even more professional interest in issues around health and safety, welfare and sustainability. I’ve also applied to become an ICE reviewer so I can help young engineers to develop their skills.

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