High Speed Two decision "the right one", says ICE

Press statement

  • Updated: 11 February, 2020
  • Author: Emma Beer

Responding to the Government’s decision on High Speed Two (HS2), Nick Baveystock, Director General of the Institution of Civil Engineers, said:

"On balance, today’s decision is the right one. The challenges that HS2 seeks to solve are significant. With the UK’s population set to reach 75 million in the coming decades, we must have a rail network that can meet the demands of commuters, now and in the future, by addressing overcrowding, resilience and reliability.

"The Government has also rightly recognised that HS2 should be properly integrated into the wider rail network - a holistic approach to infrastructure planning always delivers better outcomes. Focus should now be redirected to the future planning and delivery of HS2 - ensuring that its benefits, not just its costs, remain at the forefront of people’s minds."