Go Digital: download New Civil Engineer magazine app 

The digital version of New Civil Engineer has been overhauled, allowing readers to access engaging content on any device via the brand new NCE app. 

New Civil Engineer has launched a brand-new app bringing the latest news and insight from the industry to readers in a much-improved format.  

Unlike the previous digital edition of the magazine, the app optimises the print magazine for a greater reading experience across all devices including smartphones and tablets. 

ICE is backing NCE in encouraging all its print readers to make the switch and go digital to help reduce its carbon footprint. 

Currently more than 500,000 copies of New Civil Engineer are printed and distributed every year, adding up to over 26 million printed pages and 2,700kg of plastic which is used to package the magazines. Not only that, hundreds of thousands of kilometres of carbon-intensive travel are required to reach addresses across the globe. 

Improved compatibility 

The digital edition has been given a complete makeover to make it compatible with desktop, tablets and mobile. It can also be downloaded on any device for reading offline, making it as user-friendly as possible. 

A mobile app, downloadable from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, makes it even easier to access the latest edition, as well as archive editions. Logging in is also easy – just download the app and log in with your myICE details or your NCE sub details. 

ICE president Rachel Skinner said: “As you know, my Presidential ‘Shaping Zero’ theme is focused on the need for us to help address climate change. As a professional community, we must work together to achieve net zero carbon as fast as possible. 

“If you watched my Presidential address, you will know that this starts with one big question sitting at the heart of Shaping Zero that holds each of us to account. It is the same question that will determine our collective success: ‘What are you going to do?’ 

“For most of us, the answer to this question will include a few big actions and commitments plus many small changes. The ICE and New Civil Engineer are both committed to change that reduces our carbon footprint; we want to encourage all of you to join us.” 

How to switch to the app

To switch to the app and help reduce your carbon footprint, log in to your MyICE account and update your settings under ‘My subscriptions’