Help celebrate Tyne Bridge’s 90th birthday

ICE North East to hold Women in Engineering event to celebrate the first female member of the ICE.

The Tyne Bridge.
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The Tyne Bridge.
A special event is taking place this year to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the opening of the Tyne Bridge and the female engineer behind the design.

As part of the ICE’s 200th anniversary celebrations, ICE North East is holding a Newcastle Quayside and Sage Gateshead Women in Engineering event. The Tyne Bridge, or the George V Bridge as it was known then, was officially opened on October 10, 1928.

The special event will also celebrate the first female member of the ICE, Dorothy Buchanan, and her involvement in the design of the Tyne Bridge.

Regional director of the ICE North East, Penny Marshall, said:

“Talking about female engineers from the past and the present helps young women today see that STEM careers are not only achievable, but also desirable.

“The North East is an engineering hot spot and we are delighted to be celebrating not only the Tyne Bridge’s 90th anniversary, but also Dorothy’s contribution to the creation of such an iconic structure.”

Alongside the event the ICE is conducting a survey to identify gender differences and provide further opportunities to reinforce that civil engineering is a career for everyone.

The women in engineering event programme will include a workshop and speaker, lunch and an evening lecture. For more information and to book your place, email [email protected]