Hong Kong showcases award-winning ICE 200 board game designs

The games promote civil engineering to young people in a creative way.

Odyssey was the civil engineering board game that won the ICE 200 competition.
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Odyssey was the civil engineering board game that won the ICE 200 competition.

ICE Hong Kong Association (HKA) has opened an exhibition that displays the award-winning designs of a board game competition that ran as part of the Institution's 200th anniversary.

The public exhibition, '200 Years of Civil Engineering Excellence', is being held at PMQ, a historic venue in Hong Kong.

It features all the successful entries from the ICE Bicentenary Board Game Design Competition, including the overall winning game, Odyssey, which was designed by Arup.

At the opening of the exhibition earlier this month, ICE HKA Regional Director Eva Kong explained that the aim of the competition and exhibition was to promote civil engineering to the young generation in a creative and interesting way.  

Children were invited to perform a live demonstration of Odyssey, which has been produced as the ICE 200 souvenir board game.  

They wore costumes, cast two giant dices and jumped around on a life-size version of the game map. 

The exhibition

The exhibition is running until 19 November 2018 at Room S201 in PMQ, Aberdeen Street, Central.

There will be a range of free activities taking place at the exhibition. Visitors will be able to have a hands-on trial of all the winning designs, learn from the game tutors on Saturdays and Sundays, and take photos with cartoons of the Hong Kong Invisible Superheroes. 

Odyssey, the ICE 200 board game

Odyssey is a snakes and ladders-style game with an engineering twist that highlights how civil engineers have influenced the world over the last 200 years.

It draws together many world-renowned structures and infrastructure, embedding elements of natural disasters symbolising the impact of nature on our lives, and also how the work of civil engineers shapes our built environment, improves our quality of life, and strengthens our resilience.

How to play Odyssey

You can watch ICE HKA's YouTube videos to see how to play the game.

How to order

Odyssey can be ordered online at HK$150 (£15) per game, (including free delivery to a Hong Kong commercial address).

An additional delivery charge will apply for deliveries outside Hong Kong. Delivery is due by the end of November 2018.  

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