ICE 200: world's longest LEGO bridge to go on display in Hong Kong

The LEGO bridge originally unveiled in London is moving to Hong Kong to inspire a new generation of students to take up a career in engineering.

LEGO bridge: rebuit in Hong Kong by students - alongside Dr Sham
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LEGO bridge: rebuit in Hong Kong by students - alongside Dr Sham
ICE together with AECOM and MTR Corporation, will co-host an exhibition showcasing the world’s longest span bridge made of LEGO bricks in Hong Kong as part of ICE 200 celebrations.

Designed by world renowned bridge engineer and ICE Fellow Dr Robin Sham CBE, the bridge was first displayed in London in 2016 and set a Guinness World Record. Most recently displayed in Liverpool, it spans almost the equivalent of 3 London Routemaster buses parked end to end, weighs 3/4 of a tonne and is made of more than 200,000 individual plastic LEGO bricks. The bridge is to be located in the Metal Zone at Elements Shopping Mall in West Kowloon.
ICE Hong Kong Association chair Professor Ken Ho, JP, said: “ICE Hong Kong is commemorating the institution’s 200th anniversary by premiering the world’s longest span bridge built with LEGO bricks together with AECOM and MTR.

"Through this public exhibit we hope to show the marvels of engineering in an innovative and exciting way, inspiring thousands of Hong Kong youth to build careers to shape and create our world for their generation and many more to come.”

Hong Kong based Dr Sham FICE, who is AECOM's Global Long Span and Specialty Bridges Director, said: “In an era where so many things seem to be increasingly virtual rather than real we want to emphasise that so much of the world around us emanates from the dreams and ambitions of those who build real things, such as bridges.

"Today new technologies are further empowering civil engineers with the tools to imagine bigger than they have ever done before.  Boundless imagination helps create and innovate our built environment to meet our world’s complex and evolving challenges.”

Secondary school students from schools in Hong Kong were invited to help construct the bridge in early March. More than 70 students from 8 top schools helped assemble the bridge under the supervision of certified LEGO professionals alongside Dr Sham.

Dr Sham is one of ICE's Invisible Superheroes - the theme of the main ICE 200 exhibition running all year at ICE headquarters in London.