ICE Library recommendations on Digital Twin and smart technology

Every month the ICE Library highlights top titles, journals or books on an important civil engineering topic. This month, we look at Digital Twin and smart technology.

Recommend books on Digital Twin.
Recommend books on Digital Twin.

Following our latest strategy session on ‘Systems-thinking: re-envisioning infrastructure as a platform for human flourishing’, ICE’s library team recommends a collection of five reading materials to help assist you in creating a more sustainable infrastructure.

International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction 2019 (ICSIC): Driving data-informed decision-making

Smart infrastructure

DeJong, M. J., Schooling, J.M. and Viggiani, G.M.B. (2019). London: ICE Publishing

The papers included in these conference proceedings organised by the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction cover a wide range of topics relevant to smart infrastructure and construction including material on cities, structures, geotechnical capabilities and digital solutions.

Topics discussed include the development and application of innovative sensing systems for infrastructure assessment and monitoring, methods to optimise data collection, and interpret and leverage data through mechanics-based computational modelling, the distillation of large amounts of data using frameworks and metrics to inform decision-making for asset management and city planning, policy approaches to procure and legislate for data-collection and security at multiple scales, from individual assets to whole cities.

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Digital Twin Technologies and Smart Cities

Digital twin technologies

Farsi, M. (2020). Springer

This book provides a holistic perspective on Digital Twin. It assesses the opportunities that digital twinning can offer and covers the requirements for ensuring secure, safe and sustainable smart cities.

Further, the book demonstrates how the technology used for monitoring, visualising, diagnosing and predicting in real-time are vital to cities’ sustainability and efficiency, looking at a city together with all of its infrastructure elements, which communicate with each other in a complex manner. Moreover, securing Internet of Things (IoT) which is one of the key enablers of DT’s is discussed in details and from various perspectives.

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The Gemini principles

The Gemini Principles

Centre For Digital Built Britain (CDBB). Digital Framework Task Group. (2019). Cambridge; London: CDBB

Published by the Centre for Digital Built Britain this report sets out the proposed principles to guide the national digital twin and the information management framework that will enable it. It provides a good introduction to the ‘Gemini principle’ of creating realistic digital representations of their physical counterparts.

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Digital twin: towards a meaningful framework

Digital Twin

ARUP (2019). London: Arup

This report examines the current state of digital twins in the built environment and their potential value within five key markets: cities, energy, property, transport and water. It provides a review of the opportunities, challenges and exemplary case studies of digital twins, informed by conversations with industry experts.

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The AEC Magazine brings together articles, case studies, software and hardware reviews and more on the latest developments in digital technologies, such as digital twin, BIM, sensing, virtual reality and big data.

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