Members vote to confirm governance changes for ICE

ICE’s governance changes agreed by over 70% of the voting membership

The majority of the voting membership voted for change.
The majority of the voting membership voted for change.

Members of ICE have voted to confirm the elected Council's recommendations for proposed changes to the way that the Institution is governed.

The results of the ballot were announced at the Institution's AGM on Tuesday 17 July 2018.

Turnout for the ballot, held between June 01 and July 10, was just under 20% up on previous years,  when charter changes were being made (2016).

Over 70% of members voted to support the proposals. Confirming Council's decision to modernise ICE's governance, in line with UK Charity Commission guidelines and current best practice, will allow the ICE to address the critical issues facing society and our members, as well as enabling effective decision making in a rapidly changing world.

Members expressed a clear preference for the Institution to be overseen by a 12-strong Trustee Board made up of members approved by the elected Council.

Under the new structure a new reconfigured Council - elected by and representative of the membership - will provide advice and insight to the Trustees and will have more time to concentrate on the critical issues facing civil engineers and society. This will allow ICE to better achieve its charitable object and its members to bring their shared expertise to bear on issues across the globe.

President Lord Robert Mair said:

"I am delighted that these changes have been agreed by such a clear margin. Council worked incredibly hard for more than six months to ensure that the governance structure put to the membership would provide a strong framework with which to face the next 200 years.

"While I accept that some members had their doubts I hope that the clear support for these changes from the majority of the voting membership illustrates a future-proofed governance system for the Institution. It is now time for us to move on and address the challenges faced by society, our profession, and our members."

In order to ensure that the governance of the Institution remains transparent, simple, ethical and fair, Council deliberated at length over a series of checks and balances that would maintain proper representation on both Council and the Trustee Board.

New Structure

  • The President of the Institution will chair the Trustee Board - the members of which will be approved by the elected ICE council.
  • Members of the Board will be approved each year by the elected Council which will also have the authority to remove Trustees should they deem that to be in the best interests of the Institution.
  • The Trustee board will comprise of:
    • President (Chair)
    • Senior Vice President (Vice Chair)
    • 6 Vice Presidents (each of whom have a portfolio which supports ICE's core activities)
    • Three members of Council elected by Council)
    • One member recommended by the Nomination Committee.
  • A Nomination Committee will call for nominations for the positions of President and the Vice Presidents and will make recommendations for their appointment. Trustees will be appointed for a three year term, which could be renewable once for a further three year term. No individual would serve more than six years as a Trustee.
  • This structure would ensure that there is proper governance of ICE's core activities as well as the functions that support them.

Further details of what these changes mean are available.

Members also voted in favour of accepting the Engineering Council's directive for compulsory CPD recording.