Membership Streamlining: are you ready for the updates to IPD Online and Professional Review?

The changes are relevant to all members, from those working towards a professional qualification to volunteers providing support.

ICE has asked all members to take note of important imminent updates to IPD Online and the Professional Review process.

Earlier in 2021, ICE announced Membership Streamlining, providing clearer and smoother pathways to help members achieve a professional qualification.

Feedback has shown that awareness of the changes is high and that the improvements have been well received.

All members, from those working towards a professional qualification to volunteers providing support, are being advised to ensure they understand the changes that will soon apply. 

IPD Online

On 1 October 2021, IPD Online will be updated. For all trainees progressing to IEng or CEng completion, the statements supporting the attributes will be amended.

The structure and headings for the nine attributes in IPD Online will remain the same. No trainee evidence will be moved or deleted. Only the statements below the headings change.

Read the full details of the updated wording in IPD Online (from October 2021).

Professional Review

Improvements have been made to the Professional Review process for IEng MICE and CEng MICE candidates by:

  • Moving to a single application instead of a two-stage application and submission.
  • Reducing the number of sponsors needed from three to two.
  • Reducing duplication of CPD requirements.
  • Replacing the written exercise with a new communication task.

From January 2022, Professional Reviews will be assessed against the revised seven attributes. ICE has produced a summary of the key changes in the attributes for those undertaking a review from this point.

Members are also being asked to familiarise themselves with the full Professional Review  requirements, so that they understand the requirements of the review from 2022, and that their experience meets the attributes. 

Communication task

As part of the Professional Review at IEng and CEng level, from January 2022 candidates will undertake a written communication task, the replacement for the written exercise. This directly relates to the Interpersonal Skills and Communication attribute.

IEng and CEng candidates will both be given two questions and asked to answer one of them. IEng candidates will have 60 minutes to write a factual answer. CEng candidates will have 90 minutes to produce a written response of their ideas and opinions on a given scenario.

For more details, ICE has produced Communication Task guidance.

Providing the support you need

Detailed FAQs can be found here

For any questions about Membership Streamlining, or for expert advice on the next steps to professional qualification, get in touch with ICE's Membership Support Centre team, who will connect members with their local membership recruitment representative:

+44 (0)121 227 5944 / [email protected]