MPs and industry debate the UK's future infrastructure needs

The government is expected to respond to the National Infrastructure Assessment by the end of the year.

Representatives from government and industry discuss proposed projects.
Representatives from government and industry discuss proposed projects.
  • Updated: 13 September, 2018
  • Author: Emma Beer

MPs and industry have met to discuss the framework and funding of the UK’s future infrastructure, following the publication of the country’s first National Infrastructure Assessment (NIA).

The latest All-Party Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure (APPGI) panel discussion was hosted by ICE, as secretariat of the APPGI, at its headquarters in London on 11 September.

It was an opportunity for industry professionals and MPs to discuss the NIA, which was published by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) in July, as well as the upcoming ICE policy report, State of the Nation: Investment.

Phil Graham, CEO of NIC, discussed the recommendations the report made on how identified infrastructure needs and priorities should be addressed.

These recommendations included nationwide full fibre broadband by 2033, seeing half of the UK’s power provided by renewables by 2030 and three quarters of plastic packaging recycled by 2030.

Mr Graham said: “This wasn’t an exercise in listing multiple products – it was about setting the framework for the next generation of infrastructure projects might look like.”

The government must publish its response to the NIA within 12 months, though it’s expected to do this before the end of the year.

However, Mr Graham said that the response is only part of it, and that it’s the decisions and actions that will make the real difference.

Funding for projects

Paul Sheffield, chair of the State of the Nation steering group, outlined the scope and plan for this year’s report, which focuses on investment.

The 2018 State of the Nation plans to look at how the projects outlined in the NIA can be funded.

It will explore opportunities for investment and open a conversation about how to better finance the nation’s infrastructure.

Mr Sheffield said that the report will look at how to make the best use of investment, and ways to encourage additional funding by supporting private investors.

The State of the Nation: Investment will be published on 18 October.

You can read more about this year’s report on the Infrastructure Blog.