Nominations open for new-look ICE Awards 2021

If you know a person or project worthy of recognition for their work in civil engineering, nominations are open until 01 June 2021 for this year’s ICE Awards

ICE is calling for nominations for the ICE Awards 2021, which recognises outstanding civil engineering achievements and contributions to the profession and the Institution.

Winning an ICE Award is an impressive milestone for a civil engineer or project, providing the winner significant recognition within the industry, and the new-look awards for 2021 seek to specifically recognise achievements that align with ICE’s strategic objectives.

ICE is committed to enabling its members and the wider industry to make real change for the good of the environment and society and has sought to refresh the awards categories to mirror the key outcomes the Institution is seeking to achieve.

ICE also wants to champion the award winners and share their success stories with the wider membership. Each award winner will be invited to present their work at an upcoming ICE event.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our 2020 winners who have shared a brief video of what the award meant to them.

If you know of a deserving person or project, please consider putting them forward for one of the awards via the form below.

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What are the ICE Annual Awards categories?

There are eight categories to choose from, which align with one or more of Institution’s key themes.

Brunel – Recognition of low-carbon solutions in the built environment

ICE is committed to placing decarbonisation at the heart of our agenda. The Brunel Medal this year shall specifically seek to recognise excellence in the decarbonisation of civil engineering and the infrastructure sector. Teams, persons or organisations delivering a low-carbon solution within the built environment are strongly encouraged to enter.

International – Outstanding contribution to decarbonising civil engineering

Also addressing our commitment to decarbonisation, the International Medal award will specifically seek to recognise a civil engineer who has had prime responsibility for an outstanding project or initiative that has contributed to decarbonising civil engineering outside the UK.

Edmund Hambly – Creative design for sustainable development

Working with others, both in UK and overseas, is vital to build resilience and mitigate the significant effects of climate change and the Edmund Hambly Medal recognises this imperative. The award emphasises the important contribution that civil engineering makes to the wellbeing of mankind and the environment and this year will seek to recognise the creative design of an engineering project that contributed to mitigating and adapting to the significant effects of the climate change.

Chris Binnie Award – Water, sanitation & clean energy

We must seek to transform the availability of potable water & sanitation and clean energy across the world. This year the award will be made for work which has benefited society by transforming the availability of potable water & sanitation and clean energy across the world.

Bev Waugh Award – Productivity & Culture

New for 2021, the Bev Waugh Award is an award for a leader or individual who has had a positive impact on joint team working. The award aligns with ICE’s commitment to address how we can transform the productivity of our industry by driving modern methods of procurement and manufacture. This exciting new award must be based on nominations from a partner organisation and is introduced to recognise a leader or individual who quietly broadens the perspective of the team, leads with kindness, values the views of others and constructively questions the status quo to create a people-centred, ‘best for project’ culture.

Garth Watson Medal – Institutional award for valued service

The Garth Watson Medal is awarded for long, dedicated and valuable service to the Institution by a member or member of staff.

Warren Medal – Regional award for valued service

The Warren Medal is awarded to a member of the Institution in recognition of their valuable service rendered to his or her region.

Gold Medal – Engineering excellence

The Gold Medal award is an award for civil engineering excellence to an individual whose sustained contribution to civil engineering over many years is of sufficient magnitude and stature to merit an Institution premier award. ICE is committed to enhancing the technical knowledge, insight and ethical understanding of engineers wherever they work across the world.

This year the award will seek to recognise an individual whose sustained ethical, knowledgeable and insightful contribution to civil engineering is of sufficient magnitude and stature to merit an Institution premier award. The awards committee will be particularly keen to recognise an individual who has demonstrably worked to share lessons learned for the good and advancement of the profession.

Submitting your entry

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 1 June 2021 and can be made using the Awards Nomination Form.

ICE’s Community Advisory Boards will be tasked with shortlisting entries, with winners then decided by the ICE Awards Committee. Announcements will be made at the ICE Awards Ceremony on Friday, 15 October 2021.

You can find more information via our ICE awards page or by contacting [email protected].