Plymouth embraces ICE 200 as it promotes civil engineering

There is a big focus on ICE 200 in the west country as Plymouth promotes its engineering heritage.

Plymouth Hoe event: bringing civil engineering to a wider public
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Plymouth Hoe event: bringing civil engineering to a wider public
Plymouth Museums Galleries Archives service has run a series of ICE 200 focused events and activities since the beginning of the year as part of its ‘On Tour’ programme - designed to bring Plymouth's civil engineering heritage to a wider public audience.

Working with the University of Plymouth’s School of Engineering they have produced an exhibition and large number of events to promote the history and future of civil engineering in Plymouth, focusing on the iconic lighthouses, bridges and breakwaters.

The ‘On Tour’ programme is a key plank in the £40m project to transform Plymouth's city museum and art gallery which includes  a new state of the art museum , The Box. That will open in  2020 in line with the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower ship which took Pilgrims to the new world.

Plymouth has also hosted 3 Café 200 events, 8 Explore Engineering events and created a special exhibition ‘Lighthouses, Bridges and Breakwaters’ at House of Fraser in the city centre. Over 300 people have gone along to these events with the exhibition seen by hundreds more.

Other key ICE 200 events include the Plymouth Boat Tour, which saw members and the general public go on a tour of the Plymouth coastline with museum curator Nigel Overton and the Environment Agency’s Nick Ely.

The team behind The Box has also hosted a site visit for the local WI as part of the ICE 200 programme.

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