Professor Lord Mair chooses his Future Leaders 2017-18

The incoming President, who takes up his post on November 7, continues the tradition of selecting young members to work with him.

The President’s Future Leaders for 2017/18 (clockwise from top left) Ayo Sokale, Louisa King, Meghan Fick, Charlotte Murphy, Simone Schmieder, Max Ng, Will Lavelle, Asif Huq)
The President’s Future Leaders for 2017/18 (clockwise from top left) Ayo Sokale, Louisa King, Meghan Fick, Charlotte Murphy, Simone Schmieder, Max Ng, Will Lavelle, Asif Huq)

The ICE President's Future Leaders Scheme, formerly the President's Apprentice Scheme, is open to all technicians and ICE graduate members working towards their professional qualification. Since the first intake in 2005, the scheme has offered a unique opportunity to gain experience, develop skills, learn about the industry and be mentored by the ICE President.

The eight successful Future Leaders will attend ICE events, meet senior industry people and join Lord Mair on regional visits.

They will also select one of several projects to help make a real contribution to the profession.

At the end of the President's twelve month term the Future Leaders automatically become part of the President's Future Leaders 'alumni network', which provides opportunities to engage and network with a dynamic peer group for the rest of their career.

President's Future Leaders

Ayo Sokale is a Graduate Civil Engineer for the Environment Agency and her responsibilities have included project managing the Abingdon Flood Alleviation Scheme and leading the Assurance and Approvals work stream on the Oxford Flood Alleviation scheme. She is currently on secondment to West Berkshire Council as a site supervisor on an Environment Agency flood alleviation scheme.

Ayo said "I am so honoured to be selected as an ICE President Apprentice - it's an amazing opportunity to be a part of. I look forward to working with the ICE on many of their key projects to further our outreach, innovation, and impact to promote civil engineering. As we reach our 200-year anniversary, it is especially crucial to step back and remark on our progress whilst making plans for a more sustainable future."

Louisa King is a Graduate Engineer with Waterco Consultants with a particular interest in water sustainability and environmental issues.

Louisa said "I am honoured to have been selected as Professor Lord Robert Mair's Apprentice for the ICE's 200th year and I am looking forward to meeting and working with Industry leaders to help illustrate how accessible civil engineering is to all age ranges, and how it has the ability to transform lives for all stakeholders. As a passionate engineer with particular interest in environmental issues, I am interested to see how we can address the issue of climate change from within the ICE."

Meghan Fick is an Assistant Technician at Arup in Belfast specialising in AutoCAD, a commercial computer-aided design and drafting software application.

Meghan said "I am very excited to start my journey as one of the President's Future Leaders and hope to use my role to promote the importance of Technicians in civil engineering and encourage others to be more proactive within the industry. Most importantly, it will be an honour and experience to work with the President himself and to learn from individuals at a high level in the construction industry. It will be very special to be a Future Leader during such an iconic year for the ICE as they celebrate and look back over the past 200 years in civil engineering."

Charlotte Murphy is a Graduate Structural Engineer at Arup working with bridges, having graduated in 2016 from Cambridge.

Charlotte said "The more I work in infrastructure the more I realise that there is far more to civil engineering than technical design. The President's Apprentice scheme is a great opportunity to get exposure to the other elements of the industry at graduate engineer level. I am looking forward to working with Professor Lord Mair and the other apprentices to learn more about the civil engineering industry and the impacts it can have on society."

Asif Huq is a Graduate Engineer working at Transport Scotland and is currently seconded to AECOM's Bridges and Structures (Scotland & Ireland) team.

Asif said "Being a President's Future Leader is a unique privilege and a fantastic opportunity to engage and contribute to the work of the ICE. I am looking forward to working with Professor Lord Robert Mair and other industry leaders on key civil engineering initiatives. With 2018 being the ICE's bicentenary - it will be a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on the Institution's positive impact over the past two centuries. Hopefully, in the process we can help inspire the next generation who will take the profession forward!"

Will Lavelle is a Graduate Structural Engineer at Atkins and has worked on a series of projects of different sizes including working in the in the management team for the Old Oak Common Maintenance Depot and the structures/management team on Crossrail Anglia.

Will said "I'm really looking forward to working with the President and the other Future Leaders over the course of the coming year (the bicentenary, no less!) to explore the developments in technology, education and the digitisation of our industry. It's a great opportunity to work alongside some of the leading industry professionals, and I'm looking forward to injecting a little creative youthful enthusiasm into proceedings!"

Max Ng is a Graduate Engineer at MTR Corporation Limited and is based in Hong Kong.

Max said "I am honoured to become a President's Future Leader in the 200th anniversary. Coming from Hong Kong and ready to be inspired by talents in other parts of the world, I look forward to taking part in the ICE 200 campaign, as well as Prof Lord Mair's vision for our profession to transform lives with innovation and technology."

Simone Schmieder is a Graduate Geotechnical Engineer at engineering consultancy Wood Thilsted.

Simone said "Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the ICE in 2018, my time as a President's Future Leader will hopefully be full of interesting encounters with engineers, industry leaders, and the wider public. I'm looking forward to a year of challenging projects and lots of fun with my fellow Future Leaders."

Lord Mair's inaugural speech will be held at ICE's Headquarters One Great George Street on November 7.