'The Hive' wins the battle of the bees

ICE North West Graduates and Students (G&S) ran a construction competition based on Manchester’s ‘Bee in the City’ public art programme.

The winning team, Buzz Kill.
The winning team, Buzz Kill.
‘The Hive’ has been announced as the winning structure of this year’s ICE North West G&S Construction Challenge.

The Construction Challenge required teams to build a monument that could carry the equivalent weight of one of the hundreds of bees that were on display across venues in Manchester over the summer, as part of the ‘Bee in the City’ public art programme. The structure also had to float.

Graduate and student teams were given a limited supply of basic materials, such as card, newspaper, tape, lollipop sticks, pipe cleaners and plastic containers, to use for their constructions.

The materials had prices attached to them, which were used to reflect supply and demand, and were therefore subject to change.

Five teams took part, with each one giving a short presentation to showcase their designs, which were then tested in a wave flume.

Their structures had to withstand the load of the ‘bee’ - which was 500g - as well as waves of increasing frequencies.


The winner

The Hive was the cheapest solution, and the only one able to withstand the waves, with the full weight added, in the tank.

It was constructed by a team called Buzz Kill, which comprised graduate structural engineer Muhammed Munib, graduate civil engineer Shuaib Kasenally​, graduate civil engineer Justyna Paszczak, and architect Stuart Pavitt. (All pictured above, L-R.)

ICE North West G&S Chair, Nushma Juwaheer, said: “Everyone showed lots of creativity in their structures and the results were close, so congratulations to all who took part and, of course, to the winning team.

“For the first time, we ran the competition together with IStructE and also extended the invitation to local architects, which proved to be a great way of broadening the skill set of the teams involved.

“It’s certainly something we hope to repeat in future Construction Challenge events.”