Civil engineering insights into alternative ways of appraising infrastructure procurement

This paper highlights how different international governments and infrastructure owners appraise the benefits of infrastructure investment, as part of standard benefit-cost ratio (BCR) assessments, when procuring contracts for major projects.

  • Updated: 04 February 2020
  • Author: David Hawkes, ICE Policy Manager

The paper builds on ICE’s previous work into reducing the gap between project cost estimates and outturns, which outlined the need for a broader approach to project procurement that better captures benefits.

The paper provides:

  • Insight into how costs and benefits are currently appraised in the UK
  • An overview of the challenges in assessing long-term project outcomes
  • Examples of how different international governments appraise the benefits and costs of infrastructure projects
  • An outline of emerging thinking and potential future trends into alternative project appraisal approaches

The paper was informed by ICE Fellows and other experts based both in the UK and internationally.

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