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Press release

ICE comment on the CCC's assessment of the Third National Adaptation Programme

13 March 2024

In response to the Climate Change Committee’s assessment of the Third National Adaptation Programme, Chris Richards, director of policy, Institution of Civil Engineers, said, 

“When the third National Adaptation Programme (NAP3) was published last year, the ICE urged the UK government to ramp up its climate adaptation activity and said that climate change is not some far off threat, but something that is happening now. 

“One only has to read the news stories about the hottest, wettest February on record, which has contributed to worrying flooding around the UK to understand how urgent this issue is.

“Acting quickly means the UK has the opportunity to develop world-leading infrastructure that is fit for the future. Delay, and the problems will become worse, and more expensive to solve.

“The CCC is right to identify governance, investment and monitoring as critical issues holding back the UK’s climate adaptation goals, and the ICE has previously made policy recommendations that align with these areas, like making the Adaptation Reporting Power of the UK Climate Change Act mandatory.” 

Notes to editors

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  • Phoebe Woollard, media relations executive at ICE