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Press release

ICE comment on the National Infrastructure Commission's latest progress review

16 May 2024

In response to the National Infrastructure Commission's latest progress review, David Hawkes, interim associate director of Policy & External Affairs, Institution of Civil Engineers, said, 

"Today’s Infrastructure Progress Review (IPR) from the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) presents a mixed picture. While nearly half of electricity generated in 2023 was from renewable sources, demand for water hasn’t fallen, and the UK is behind on improving its climate resilience and decarbonising how it heats homes and buildings.

"As the ICE stated at the spring Budget, there are lots of questions about how the UK is going to pay for the infrastructure it needs and deliver positive outcomes for the public when, in real terms, capital spending for 2025/26 will not increase.

"If quick, decisive action is taken, costs will be lower. Inaction will mean the public will pay more in the long run, and these challenges aren’t going away.

"The ICE recommends the Treasury Select Committee holds a one-off evidence session so that ministers can respond to the recommendations made by the NIC.

"To meet the country’s economic and environmental ambitions, it’s important that policymakers listen to the NIC’s advice and provide strategic direction so the country can continue to make progress." 

Notes to editors

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  • Phoebe Woollard, media relations executive at ICE