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ICE launches guide for improving productivity across the infrastructure lifecycle

20 November 2023

Available online for clients, programme managers and integrators, designers and constructors seeking to boost productivity.

ICE launches guide for improving productivity across the infrastructure lifecycle
The guide is organised by lifecycle phase.

The ICE has unveiled a ready-reference guide providing practical advice for boosting productivity across the infrastructure lifecycle.

The online guide builds on the State of the Nation 2022: Improving Infrastructure Productivity report.

The report explored interventions that can be made at each stage of the infrastructure lifecycle to increase the efficiency and performance of assets.

The guide – entitled Driving Productivity: Infrastructure Lifecycle guidance – provides at-a-glance advice on actions that can be taken to improve productivity.

Links are provided, wherever possible, to more detailed guidance.

Read the guide

A guide for all infrastructure professionals

It’s hoped that the simple format of the guide will appeal to all infrastructure professionals, whatever their level of experience or expertise.

As well as being organised by lifecycle phase, the ready-reference guide identifies opportunities available to the following actors to boost productivity:

  • clients
  • operators
  • asset owners
  • programme managers
  • integrators
  • designers
  • constructors

It’s being published as a beta version and will continue to be developed by the ICE’s Driving Productivity Community Advisory Board (CAB).

The ICE wants to hear from you

The CAB is keen to receive feedback and, in particular, suggestions for authoritative guidance and case studies that the ready-reference guide could link to.

Andy Alder, co-chair of the Driving Productivity CAB, said: “We want this to be a guide that is easy to use and that can be easily updated as new tools and guidance become available.

“We have therefore chosen a format that serves more as a signpost to further information rather than an attempt to recreate it.”

Fellow co-chair Darren James added: “We are keen that its language is accessible to infrastructure professionals at all levels, operating at all lifecycle stages. We are keen to hear feedback on its usability and content.”

Any suggestions should be sent to [email protected]. The next iteration will be published in the spring.

The ICE is keen to explore this form of knowledge sharing and is seeking to create a similar ready-reference guide for carbon reduction efforts.

It will therefore monitor usage and feedback for this productivity guide closely.

  • Mark Hansford, director of engineering knowledge at Institution of Civil Engineers